Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A late post....

Our Christmas Tree....before


And thanks to my secret santa- Suma, i really loved the present...thanks a lot gal


Outing wit my cousin...for the first time in my life i'm hanging out with people same as my age...hadn't had any chance since i was in standard 5....i hv been hanging out with old people which does really influence my 'cute'ness hehehe...well, i do think i'm quite matured for my age, and being bullied- as i am always the youngest in the class, had taught me to become more tougher and it had become a part of my life now...i do feel empty if i'm not being bullied even for a day! hehehe, now i sound like i'm asking for missed those days without my cousin had been years since both of us meet each other, and i'm really glad i found you now......such a sweet girl- i hope u won't be flattered too much, coz i'm saying this out of my gratitude for your treat in Tony Roma's. hehehehe, nah just kidding...i'm really hoping we'll become the best cousins ever!!!fuhh!!!!hehehhee..and to Chuman a.k.a the coconut tree, thanks a lot for the bowling coaching and it's good to meet someone so realistic as u! although i totally disagree on your liking-you know what i mean and Surya totally rocks man!!!that is undeniable alright!!!!ok ok i win!!!lolz....thanks to both of you i din't spend a single cent for the food and bowling (so paiseh!) Hmmm...try do the same next time and both of you will see the other side of Vaithes- ok that should sound scary

Alright, enough of the crap so here's some the pictures

Geetz n me

Me, Geetz and Chuman- picture taken by the cute waiter hehe..

Look at their scores!!!!....mine is a disaster so i had to chop it off hehehe

Chuman and his shocking face hehe

My was awesome

Alright, that wraps my pending post....i have lots more to post actually, but didn't get time to do so..

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I had never ever had any class on a Saturday before (except for exams), but today i had to wake up at 7 am after only 3 hours sleep. The smart Cocu lecturer made all of us to do our poster presentation today!!arrrgghh. The presentation suppose to start at 9 am, but she came in late-around 9.30 and started scolding us for not putting up our posters on the wall yet. How are we suppose to know???She did mention in it the last class but we were thinking that each group has to put the poster up in front and present it instead of pasting on the surrounding wall. Then she spent another 30 minutes scolding us like small kids-and we had to listen to it silently......Seriously, it is not a very big thing to make such a big fuss about. She wasted another 30 minutes just to scold us and spoil our mood for the presentation. She could had done it after the presentation and made us feel more guilty. By the way, the rest of the presentation went off well although I paused here and there finding for suitable words in Malay to use. My Malay is getting terrible!!!- can't speak a sentence without any English words in it.

Went to a Malay restaurant afterward for lunch, the food was not bad though, and then 5 of us decided to go to Jusco Bukit Tinggi to do some window shopping since we don't have any fruitful activity else to do.

Me n Arun- the bully!!!!
Me and Aina-the shopaholic
Ady kutty ,me n Aina

And presenting Miss Disney princess Malaysia Aeon 2008- such a pretty girl with a delightful smile,she was talking to few people when I wanted to snap this picture,and when she notices me, she immediately pause and gave me the smiling pose. A princess indeed.

We had no idea that the event were taking place until we saw some cuties performing on the stage and it was so entertaining and adorable i tell u. A little mermaid really impressed me, she was singing while playing with the hula hoop!!!and it didn't drop =.=! (i don't even know how to play the hula hoop*heavy sigh*)

Well, the window shopping ended with some of us with shopping bags as you can see from the pictures...we can't resist the 70% sale sign-and with a crazy shopaholic insisting that we should buy this and that because it is worth for the money (she really tried so hard to insist me to get something but I am damn broke-again!!!! and had to forget the idea totally)

Had our hearty dinner, and headed back home after patiently driving through Klang's-as-usual-very-the-busy roads...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Happy Karthigai!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its Christmas month!!!

December is here and so will Christmas had always been my dream to own a christmas tree...and finally, here it is this year for me!!!!yeay,just bought one from is e only one i can afford really, and the other ornaments are coming on their way really soon-i blackmailed all my housemates to buy one each for the tree and then only they will be allowed to take photo with it!!- same goes to the here it is!!!

My Christmas Tree- sorry for the picture quality, i took it from my webcam

Me,darlin teddy and the tree...ok,i sound obsessed a bit lol ;P

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Growing up...

wow! someone please do tell me i didn't update for a whole month!!!no way i'm that busy nowadays...well i do *sigh*..well 1 month holidays doesnt mean i had so much of free time...i was very very busy right from the beginning and till to the end..the cause??? there is only a sole person right behind it-->my dad..dun ask me why..i was being occupied with lots of things,yes, a lot of things that did really made me go crazy until i wished for my holidays to end..haizzzz..and when i think of final semester...oh no,how i wish for my student life to be forever and ever and i don't have to go to the working world but dreams won't always come true, time passes and soon i'll have to face the fact that I'm all grown up!!!which is very hard to think about because every time i see my face in the mirror asking myself the question, i'll end up laughing at myself...yes..its very funny indeed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's like yesterday......

Today, i had my first final paper for my fifth sem. Fifth semester. So fast. It was just like last month that i had registered to study here. So fast. I can clearly remember the faces i saw, the fear i had, left alone here to survive for the next 3 years. So, here I am. Almost finishing what i thought was impossible. So fast. A lot of things happened for the past 2 years. Memories that could not be parted from me, no matter what. Housemates that i had gotten, irreplaceable. All of them. Each of them. Unique. Accepts me into their circle. Accepts my childish and sometimes silly behaviour. What could i ask more? So fast. Good or bad, i learned a lot...especially about people. Yes, "There is some self interest behind every friendship.There is no friendship without self interest.This is bitter truth" (Chanakya Quotes) worse....There is definetly only self interest behind some friendship that i have here. Yes, you cannot hide your ugly side for long. It will be revealed. Alright, cannot talk much on that, back to topic. Happy Navaratri!!!! :)

Too fast. :(

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reader's theatre

This post is about our class's fabulous presentation which we did over 2 weeks ago. I'm very sorry for updating so late, i didn't have my lappy with me for almost 2 weeks too and now i'm proudly blogging from my new lappie! hehe, thanks to my pa and ma.

So this is the pictures, we had to do reader's theatre for out Theater in Tesl subject. This is only half of the pictures, with more pictures to come soon!

With Creon, King of Thebes

With the other chorus

Ady and me

Dhiva and I- and it's my greek tablet!!!!

Greek conference

My favourite picture - kissing the guard (Kalai)

The king cum the videographer

The chorus and Antigone


We all look very tired in the picture, but the truth is we enjoyed ourselves doing reader's theatre especially dressing up like the Greeks, for which we don't do every day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Just came back from temple, and i am really glad that i could make it. Hope that everything will be fine again. It was so much fun in the temple, I and Dhiva akka was practically giving first aid to the auntie's there and some girls who kept on fainting. One moment you can see them standing and the next thing you will find them on the floor....hehe, I'm so bad! Really a memorable experience. The temple was very much crowded, with less air circulation- that's the main reason.

I got class at 2pm and after that will go to the temple back at night for ratham. And now feeling very sleepy but I'm not allowed to's a bad thing to sleep right after coming back from temple u's just not good. haha..i got so many ladoo's and mothagam waiting for me to eat it...Do you know why lord Ganesha likes mothagam? Mothagam is a Indian delicacy which consists of the outer flour portion and the inner sweet portion. The inner sweet portion represents the Supreme. It symbolizes that a man must dive within himself, overcome the outer in order to find the inner sweet treasure.

This is how mothagam looks like- it's very tasty u know!

Lord Vinayagar holding his mothagam- Mothagapriyan

Happy Vinayagar Chaturthi!!!!

Happy Vinayagar Chaturthi to all viewers!!!

Going to temple at 5 am tomorrow, hopefully I'll wake up on time hehe!

OK, i got to go now, i have loads of assignments to be submitted and the due dates are so near! *sigh*..That's the punishment i got for doing it last minute..i have around 4 assignments la wei!!!. ...and I'm feeling very sleepy at the moment...Haizzz..

Friday, August 22, 2008

PM announces reduced fuel

Petrol and diesel price will drop by between eight sen and 22 sen a litre from Saturday.

The price of RON97 petrol will be reduced by 15 sen to RM2.55 a litre from RM2.70, while RON92 would be 22 sen less at RM2.40, from RM2.62

The retail price of diesel would drop by eight sen to RM2.50 a litre.

(source : The Star)

At last, they are reducing the petrol price...but the damage is done!

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Jalur Gemilang

I'm very sad when i saw this blog. I don't find it amusing or there is a need to raise my country flag upside down just because we are not satisfied with the government actions. I know we have the right to voice out our opinion, and to protest or whatever to show dissatisfaction. But this way is so wrong. What did my country flag did until it is treated so? I am very proud of my Jalur Gemilang and this action sadden me very much *sigh*. I certainly do not agree with this kind of protest. I believe there are still other ways to show dissatisfaction. Please do not raise my country flag upside down!!!


This is actually my assignment that needs to be submitted today, and since i don't have any idea of what to blog about (although i had pending posts hehe) i had decided to share this with my viewers. This is basically on how I acquire my language.

My way of learning language differs from other people too. My first language, which is also my mother tongue, was hardly spoken by me when I was small. This is because my father used to converse to me in English, so do my relatives. When I was 6 years old, I was sent to a Chinese kindergarden. There, I learn how to sing and speak in Mandarin. My teacher was a strict one, and I can still remember the way she used to punish us in class whenever we forgot or did out homework incorrectly. She will draw a circle on the floor and force us to stand there for a long time. In that fear, I acquire Mandarin quite fast and there ended my year of kindergarten.

I was sent to a Malay-based Primary school. There was when I started to use my National language- Bahasa Malaysia a lot. The area which I was staying at that time is surrounded by Malays, and in order to survive and to have friends, I acquired Bahasa Malaysia quite fast and become very fluent. I gradually overlook Mandarin, and forget the language as I do not have anyone to converse in with. I didn’t know the meaning of the famous quote “Use it or lose it” then, at that time or I would have found somebody to talk Mandarin with.

My schooling days played a very crucial role in my choice of language usage. A person who is speaking in English means that they are trying to show off that they are superior. They won’t be accepted in any group of friends at that time. So, I had zero English usage, and I even start to speak in Bahasa Malaysia to my father without him realizing it. Bahasa Malaysia did also turn to be the primary language spoken in my family. My siblings started to converse with each other in Bahasa Malaysia despite receiving tons of scolding from my mother who dislikes the idea of using Bahasa Malaysia in my house. (don't get me wrong, we siblings used b.m so much until the extend of forgetting our own mother tongue hehe)

Time flew off and soon I was in my secondary schooling years. Till I’m in form 2, my bunch of friends consist Malays only. I hardly speak in Tamil and can’t utter a single sentence properly. Then I started to mix with my Indian friends - I used Bahasa Malaysia to speak with them too. With a lot of encouragements and threatening from my seniors, I gradually start to speak in Tamil despite being laughed at my pronunciation. Then my father sent me to learn Tamil from a private tutor. There, I learned how to read and write in Tamil, for almost 3 months. Till to date, although I had improve so much in my spoken Tamil, I still have to spell out Tamil like a standard two student. But I’m still proud as I can speak and read in my mother tongue better than some people.

That's all about me, actually there is more but i had decided not to post all because you might get bored with my grandmother and grandfather stories..hehe, and the reason I'm posting this is to

Welcome 08.08.08!

The Grand Opening Tonight!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm very sorry as i can't upload my pending posts for a few days to come. I'm torn into two now....Figuring out alone how to cope with the heartbreaking decision which is going to stain the rest of my life.

Forgiving is not as easy as i thought it will be ...nor undo or solve every problem...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Chelsea Asia Tour 2008

Chelsea is coming to my place!!!!hahaha....actually i was not exited about it yesterday, the day before yesterday, last month, and even when they announced that Chelsea will be playing in Malaysia. And i am too, not an avid football fan. Believe it or not, i will only watch the World cup match-that comes only once in four years . And only the final match. haha. But why am i being very exited now?
No, i didn't get any free ticket (=.=!) , but i saw the players today!!!! hahaha...

It all happens like this, i was talking to a friend of mine when we heard a loud siren. We were expecting some big shots cars, because they always pass by our place. And then is when we saw the bus. And we saw the players!. And tomorrow, I'll be watching the game on TV visually, and audibly from the stadium( we can hear the supporters cheering from my place)!!!

And my post today is totally lame =.=!...excuse me, i am just being exited.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A busy day!

This semester is the busiest one so far. We are taking up Theater in ESL course and we have to come up with a drama production. And all the profit from the ticket sales is going to the charity!!!To tell you all frankly, it is going to be the most interesting and happening drama ever in our college. It's a sort of musical cum comedy at the same time. So we went to two costume shops today. It was damn fun i tell you. Well, in the first shop (located in Subang), the people there were very friendly, chit chatting with us, but they were quite strict. They won't let us touch the costume and only let those who wanted the costume in the hall.And they were quite expensive. Although after we told them all the profit will be donated to the charity, they still refuse to reduce the rental price. But as that is not the only shop that we had in mind, we left to survey the other shop in Hartamas. Well, one look at the place i thought this is going to be much more expensive than the one we went before. But i was so wrong. They were willing to consider about the rental price once they receive our drama proposal. We were totally happy with their hospitality..(but they are not so friendly compared to the shop assistant in previous shop)..Who cares anyway!!!! For now we have our finger's crossed. It will be much more better if we can get discount, so we can donate more to the home.

Ah, before i forget, i saw these costumes too...some blogger wore it to Nuffnang bloggers Wild live Party.

The gorilla!!!!

And we had a good laugh at this, take a look at it's udders!!!!hahaha

And....the funniest ever,

Kenny Sia

The reason i took all this celebrity blogger picture is to show all of you what kind of costumes that they had in the shop, because we can't go and simply snap pictures everywhere there. There is a few picture though, but let it wait till the grand post that I'm going to blog about once we did our play successfully!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It had been a week since I had updated my blog. Was being busy lately. And had outings with my friends.....


And we watched Hancock at Sunway Piramid. Well, although most of my friends says that Will Smith looks at his ugliest in the movie, I didn't agree. Alright, maybe the first half of the movie when he was sporting his beggar-like look...and he look ugly in the poster ;P . And when he turned into a more 'professional' hero, he really look very strong and muscular. Charlize Theron character is really suprising, and the scene where Hancock discoveres the power she had, it was so funny. The movie turns to a bit dramatic scene towards the end and all's well turns well. Rated 3 out of 5.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The letter 'L'

Today I'm going to blog about a deadly virus. It's called 'L'.

I was blasted off home today with thousands (no, only 3) assignments. Yes, it might be only 3, but the work i tell you...are a lot! Since the new semester had only begun, the 'L' virus had gained it's own territory in my body and I badly need excrete it now. W0nder what kind of virus it might be??? Well, it is actually the most dangerous virus ever that one could have. Seriously. No kidding. And everybody has it in them, the only thing is that some people will totally ignore it, some people might be just newly infected and get off it quickly, and the worst case is for the people who's life is in total control of it, and they too like it that way!. I'll call it the 'L' virus, the virus which is responsible for what i am turning into now, and it is sort of taking total control of my life since last month (well, i had holidays,cannot blame me :P )

So in order to get rid of it, yesterday i thought of going to the

Yes, Gym, but sadly the virus attacked me again before i manage to reach there. *sigh*

and today, i decided to go for

But the clouds seem to boycott me and were showing some going-to-rain-soon signs. But still, i forced myself there (i had to technically drag myself out of the house!) -and it didn't rain after all.

And off i went swimming, trying butterfly stroke (I'm really terrible in it!) but at least I'm good in floating myself lol!!hehe

And then i thought, after giving myself some exercise, i can get rid of the virus, but it came to no avail when i was caught in this act.

I think i must take any pills to get rid of it....any ideas people????

What does the 'L' virus stands for?????---- yes i know the 'L' also stands for Love, but it's not the exact dangerous virus I'm suffering from, it is much more dangerous than that,mind you- in fact Christians consider it to be one of the seven deadly sins, while psychologist find it as a symptom of clinical depression or listlessness.Wow, that is deadly serious!!! i badly need to excrete it as soon as possible!!!

By the way, if you still hadn't found out what does the 'L stands for, it is none other than Laziness....yes, you heard it right people, I'm being extremely lazy at this moment. Sigh.

By the way, thanks to all of you who had spared your precious time to vote for me!!!Thanks a gazillion!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Last Call !!!

If you are my blog frequent visitor, all of you might know that this blog is nominated for Manya Award in the Most Popular Female Blogger category ...Well, today is the last day and i hope those who didn't vote for me yet (i'm being soo lame '',) please do vote for me before 11.59 pm today!

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dance Like a Man

I watched this movie yesterday. It was totally fantastic. I meant the Bharathanatiyam by Shobana and her partner in the movie. The movie revolves around a well kept secret of why both of them stopped dancing although it was their passion. They hurdled through many obstacles that they faced during their young times. Then, any sort of dancing is coined with prostitution- especially for women. It is a shame for those people in the higher caste to accept the fact that their son or daughter showed interest in Bharathanatiyam. All the characters are potrayed beautifully (well, that's my opinion!

The movie was screened in the Vancouver International Film Festival; 8th Pusan International Film Festival; IAAC Film Festival, New York; Festival of Indian Films, Malaysia; Kerala International Film Festival; Pune International Film Festival; and at La Palamas De Grun Canana International Film Festival, Paris.

Its a movie to enjoy only if you have interest in the dancing art- or otherwise you might find the story boring....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A tale to tell

A S***-ty tale which leads to improvisation!!!

Letter to Indian Railways.

This is a true story from Indian Railways.

Okhil Babu's letter to the Railway Department:

'I am arrive by passenger train Ahmedpur station and my belly is too
much swelling with jackfruit. I am therefore went to privy.
Just I doing the nuisance that guard making whistle blow for train to
go off and I am running with 'lotah' in one hand and 'dhoti' in the
next when I am fall over and expose all my shocking to man and female
women on plateform.

I am got leaved at Ahmedpur station.

This too much bad, if passenger go to make dung that dam guard not
wait train five minutes for him.

I am therefore pray your honour to make big fine on that guard for
public sake. Otherwise I am making big report! to papers.'

Okhil Chandra Sen wrote this letter to the Sahibganj divisional
railway office in 1909.

It is on display at the Railway Museum in New Delhi.

It was also reproduced under the caption 'Travelers' Tales' in the
Far Eastern Economic Review.

Any guesses why this letter was of historic value?


It apparently led to the introduction of TOILETS on trains.

*received via e-mail

Haha! How funny is that??? Bear in mind, if u ever feel dissatisfied or "dishonored" by a service or etc, do log a complain(with self confidence, self confidence and self confidence i must stress!!!) because you might lead to an important improvisation too ! *chuckles*

A gift

A gift to my readers as I am quite happy today (i went shopping and bought a lot of things hehe)

I know I'm being ridiculous, but let the SUN shines all the way through your lives!!!! (^_^)

(the sun is contradicting my blog new colour!!! why don't you like it sun???? )

Thursday, June 26, 2008


My happy holidays are over and now I'm back to square one. New semester is starting next week and it's the usual process all and over again. New subjects, new/old lecturers with new/old approaches (better be a good one so that i won't fell asleep!) . Seriously I'm looking forward to when all this will end, which is definitely not so soon. But then i couldn't be happier than I'm not now, because my practical will be up in the line next. *sigh*..And if it is for 6 months, God I'm dead! 6 months to spend in school!!! BTW, it might not be a big deal because i have to deal it the rest of my working life... lolz....It will only cause problem for me financially, physically, not forgetting mental challenges while dealing with students. But i made the choice, and whether i like it or not i still have to do it. But if what I had planned turn well, I guess i will change too, into a serious and dedicated person towards my profession. End of my emo speech. hmmm...wondering why am I writing up this , it's because tomorrow is the results collecting day! *sigh again*

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Raja Ravi Varma - Part 2

I had written once about Raja Ravi Varma (or also spelled as Verma) before this. I believe that I had not shared the important informations as I'm being googled constantly for him! .

Raja Ravi Varma is a excellent painter, who provided inspiration for many artists during the 19th century. Believe me or not, his talent is purely gifted as he did not undergo training in any art school. He developed his art mainly by his constant practice. Remember how the saying goes, Practice makes perfect! We had someone whom had proved the sayings.

Raja Ravi Varma became popular for his clear presentation of subjects from Ramayana and Mahabharata and stories about gods and heroes. His imaginations create charming figures and scenes like real life with skill and imagination won him recognition in India and also from abroad. Remember all the paintings with the lively eyes, those eyes he painted could speak words. I certainly wish that I could be blessed to admire the beauty of his paintings in person.

Raja Ravi Varma was born on 29th April 1848 in a royal family at Kilimanoor, Travancore (now part of Kerala State in South India). He started drawing in the age of six. He was trained by his uncle, and also guided by a British painter (to learn oil paintings), Theodore Jenson. He married Poororuttati Nal at the age of 17 and settled down in Mavelikara.

Raja Ravi Varma met various artists and studied other styles and the schools of paintings in India, He visited Hindu Pilgrim centers and studied ancient Hindu costumes in detail. He decorated the Lakshmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara (Baroda) with a series of Puranic Paintings.

His knowledge of Sanskrit and acquaintance with forms of beauty helped him to create paintings that were rich in mythological subject. The mythic stories often only describe the characters, but Raja Ravi Varma who was very good in imaginations creates and bring to live the characters by drawing it out. He won quite a few gold medals for some of his paintings.

There came a time when his paintings became popular. Several thousands of his paintings were printed. Through his paintings he brought the gods, goddesses and heroes- Shiva, Krishna, Rama, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Sita, Damayanti- to the Hindu Homes.

Raja Ravi Varma passed away at the age of 58 (2nd October 1906) in attingal near Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala). At the time of his death, he was busy painting the Mysore Khedda (capturing wild elephants) operations.

The world most expensive Saree!

Ever seen a Rs40 lakh (US $100,000) silk saree???

The exceptionally stunning saree is meticulously woven with 12 precious stones and metals to depict 11 of Raja Ravi Varma's popular paintings. Explicitly projected is 'Lady Musicians', one of the painter's very famous works that displays women belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds.

Besides, the border of the saree pictures 10 other paintings of the artist that pays tribute to 20th century artist. The best part of the saree being that the women in the paintings are intricately hand-woven and beautified with jewels of gold, diamond, platinum, silver, ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, sapphire, cat's eye, topaz, pearl and corals.

Already in the Limca Book of Records, this 40 lakh saree will be the first silk saree that required the use of 7,440 jacquard hooks and 66,794 cards during the weaving process. Moreover, it took nearly 4,680 hours for a group of consummate workers to complete the work.

Take a look at it!

The painting of 'Lady Musicians' by Raja Ravi Varma.

The 40 Lakh Saree - take a look at the paintings that are meticulously woven in the saree!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Planet Galatta 2

I came across these video clips a few days ago. All this while i thought it was some movie songs when i listen to these songs played in the radio. Turn out that i was so wrong. Well, enjoy the songs as well as the video clip featuring media corp artists.

Yetho Oru Mogam

This song is about 2 people guessing out whether the feelings that they had for each other is Love or not. A very melodic and Prem Ji Amaren will be the next great music composer if he continues to produce beautiful musics like this in future. Prem Ji Amaren is a funny actor on screen, and he will be always with his signature dialog " Enna kodumai Saravanan ithu". So, got an idea of who is he???

Oru Pozhuthini

This song portrays two lovers questioning the reason for their break-ups....This song is also composed by Prem Ji Amaren,a very enjoyable music!

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Manya blogger award

I'm totally speechless today as i found out i was nominated for MANYA BLOGGER AWARD. Totally stunned when i saw my name under the MOST POPULAR FEMALE BLOGGER...This is the first time in my life where i got to be nominated where i had no expectation at all. I started this blog out of my own interest as i want to share my thoughts with the reader. It's blossoming as a hobby for me lately, although it was not my initial intention at the first place. The nomination itself had awarded me and i won't forget about this in my entire life (pardon me for being so emotional) but this is what u can expect from me as i didn't expect it at all..

I thank all of you who had voted for me, and those who didn't vote yet u can do it HERE . hehehe...i'm really a happy gal today

P/s: Do vote for me if u really think i deserve it! Thanks a lot!