Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A late post....

Our Christmas Tree....before


And thanks to my secret santa- Suma, i really loved the present...thanks a lot gal


Outing wit my cousin...for the first time in my life i'm hanging out with people same as my age...hadn't had any chance since i was in standard 5....i hv been hanging out with old people which does really influence my 'cute'ness hehehe...well, i do think i'm quite matured for my age, and being bullied- as i am always the youngest in the class, had taught me to become more tougher and it had become a part of my life now...i do feel empty if i'm not being bullied even for a day! hehehe, now i sound like i'm asking for missed those days without my cousin had been years since both of us meet each other, and i'm really glad i found you now......such a sweet girl- i hope u won't be flattered too much, coz i'm saying this out of my gratitude for your treat in Tony Roma's. hehehehe, nah just kidding...i'm really hoping we'll become the best cousins ever!!!fuhh!!!!hehehhee..and to Chuman a.k.a the coconut tree, thanks a lot for the bowling coaching and it's good to meet someone so realistic as u! although i totally disagree on your liking-you know what i mean and Surya totally rocks man!!!that is undeniable alright!!!!ok ok i win!!!lolz....thanks to both of you i din't spend a single cent for the food and bowling (so paiseh!) Hmmm...try do the same next time and both of you will see the other side of Vaithes- ok that should sound scary

Alright, enough of the crap so here's some the pictures

Geetz n me

Me, Geetz and Chuman- picture taken by the cute waiter hehe..

Look at their scores!!!!....mine is a disaster so i had to chop it off hehehe

Chuman and his shocking face hehe

My was awesome

Alright, that wraps my pending post....i have lots more to post actually, but didn't get time to do so..

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I had never ever had any class on a Saturday before (except for exams), but today i had to wake up at 7 am after only 3 hours sleep. The smart Cocu lecturer made all of us to do our poster presentation today!!arrrgghh. The presentation suppose to start at 9 am, but she came in late-around 9.30 and started scolding us for not putting up our posters on the wall yet. How are we suppose to know???She did mention in it the last class but we were thinking that each group has to put the poster up in front and present it instead of pasting on the surrounding wall. Then she spent another 30 minutes scolding us like small kids-and we had to listen to it silently......Seriously, it is not a very big thing to make such a big fuss about. She wasted another 30 minutes just to scold us and spoil our mood for the presentation. She could had done it after the presentation and made us feel more guilty. By the way, the rest of the presentation went off well although I paused here and there finding for suitable words in Malay to use. My Malay is getting terrible!!!- can't speak a sentence without any English words in it.

Went to a Malay restaurant afterward for lunch, the food was not bad though, and then 5 of us decided to go to Jusco Bukit Tinggi to do some window shopping since we don't have any fruitful activity else to do.

Me n Arun- the bully!!!!
Me and Aina-the shopaholic
Ady kutty ,me n Aina

And presenting Miss Disney princess Malaysia Aeon 2008- such a pretty girl with a delightful smile,she was talking to few people when I wanted to snap this picture,and when she notices me, she immediately pause and gave me the smiling pose. A princess indeed.

We had no idea that the event were taking place until we saw some cuties performing on the stage and it was so entertaining and adorable i tell u. A little mermaid really impressed me, she was singing while playing with the hula hoop!!!and it didn't drop =.=! (i don't even know how to play the hula hoop*heavy sigh*)

Well, the window shopping ended with some of us with shopping bags as you can see from the pictures...we can't resist the 70% sale sign-and with a crazy shopaholic insisting that we should buy this and that because it is worth for the money (she really tried so hard to insist me to get something but I am damn broke-again!!!! and had to forget the idea totally)

Had our hearty dinner, and headed back home after patiently driving through Klang's-as-usual-very-the-busy roads...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Happy Karthigai!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its Christmas month!!!

December is here and so will Christmas had always been my dream to own a christmas tree...and finally, here it is this year for me!!!!yeay,just bought one from is e only one i can afford really, and the other ornaments are coming on their way really soon-i blackmailed all my housemates to buy one each for the tree and then only they will be allowed to take photo with it!!- same goes to the here it is!!!

My Christmas Tree- sorry for the picture quality, i took it from my webcam

Me,darlin teddy and the tree...ok,i sound obsessed a bit lol ;P