Sunday, June 21, 2009

The UnPlanned Visit....-Part 1

The castle of mysteries.....
We were on our way back from UTP, passing by the place and it was really so attractive that dad decided to check it out...from the exterior, the castle looks complete, and only when we took a closer look, the flaws shows...

The moment I stepped inside, a mild breeze gushes by, touching my hair and I was totally swept by an eerie feeling… if someone is watching me entering his territory…I immediately looked around…to find nobody in sight…

Alrite, nothing of those happened, I am just exaggerating. Well, sorry for the late post but it is HERE! Here’s the picture of my visit to KELLIE'S CASTLE, built by William Kellie-Smith.

My Fave PiCs!

Can u spot the bear?

The wine cellar, it was cold down there!
Kellies Castle, This is how it looks

The view from the rooftop!

The proposed lift is to be placed here.

View of the lift tower from outside.One of the secret staircase in the room- heading out of the castle.

Unique mushroom- shaped flower..

Upcoming post! William Kelly- Smith did not only build the castle, he build something else too! and it is as beautiful as the castle too, so wait for the next post!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I came across this video yesterday and it is totally awesome! wish i could play like him one day, check this out!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catch ups for May!

May is always a very very important month for me....Cause i'm a May baby! ;D

To my Big bro, thank you very very much for the delicious cake, really enjoyed the blueberry n cheese filling and it was very yummy.It was so kind of you :D And for the surprise birthday party that you guys threw me, I can’t find exact word to thank all of you. I’m indeed a blessed girl, my special thanks goes to all who attended the party especially the duo's behind it - Dhiva akka and Angel darling. And the part I loved most is the balloon joke. Hilariously funny. Thank you so much guys! ( i got cute gifts hehe)

And on Mothers day, i made myself....

My flower ring! Isn’t it pretty? Mum made a cynical remark on this which immediately made me burst out laughing! Mum you are so funny at times .Love you so much! Made her Van Houtten chocolate cake -forgot to take the pic hehe..

And in the following week, i went for 2 movies with friends, watched Night at the museum 2. The movie was good, and we had a good laugh, I was laughing like a mad girl there accompanied by dozens more people.

And on a different day I went again with my sisters but this time I opt to watch a movie all alone. Had never done that before and just want to try. So I picked “ I love you Man”. My sis warned me that I would end up regretting and bored inside the theater all alone but being a very stubborn person, I insist that I must go and experience it. Well, the movie went on quite lame in the beginning, and when I was starting to regret, the story starts to get exciting. And it was quite good too, it is about a man who is about to get married and then realizes he has nobody as his best man. After getting too much remarks of how lonely guy he is- with nobody to hang out other than his fiancee, he attempts to find a best buddy and the story is all about it.(Let me tell you a truth...when i saw the poster i thought it is a movie about gays!-i feel cheated! hehe)


The unplanned visit!...Guess where am i!!! P/S : Only Mesh is not allowed to guess!