Thursday, January 31, 2008

Asiari, SACC Mall

Today we celebrated (belated) birthday to 6 of our classmate. We are very close to each other, because we r in small group and most of our character match. We were doing this birthday celebration more like a routine, where 2 months once we will do it. This time, we choose Asiari for our party. There are more picture, maybe 100 or so(taken by different photographer) and the picture i am uploading are taken from my camera because the professional photographer we had in class- Faizal will give the copy of the pics tomorrow. He had a really nice camera and we took class picture there. So enjoy the pictures. There are more to come and i will upload as soon as i can.

I ordered.....

and this......because

i cannot drink this, it's ice blended ( i got flu wat T_T)

Presenting the Yummy Chocolate Ice Cream Cake !!! i got the biggest portion(even though im not the bday girl) hahaha!!

Sunway Piramid

Yesterday didn't had the chance to update my blog....I was sick for 2 days before, but after going out to Sunway Piramid yesterday, i found out that shopping cure my flu and sore throat. OMG!!! i turning into Becky Bloomwood??? Hopefully i am not...i am not a milionaire (but i felt like buying everything in the shop!) Well, initially the plan was to get something for 'someone'....but i ended up buying tops for me too. Hehehe, i cannot resist the 50% and 70% lah...Moreover, the guy at Sub was very cute and helpful.....(i wish all the shop assistant is like him) Well, after that went to Asia Cafe and had a really good dinner there ( i was accompanied by these two really funny and lovely girls...Ady and Darch)...

U know what, we shopped for 11 hours. Can u believe that??? We really shopped until we (almost) drop. (^_^)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today's Star Brat's Highlight

6 Protection tips against acquaintance/date rape.

  1. Communicate your intention and limits clearly. If you say No,say it like you really meant it. (don't give mixed messages). Back up your words with a firm tone of voice and clear body language.
  2. Don't assume that your date will automatically know how you feel or will eventually get the message without your having to tell him.
  3. Remember that some men think that drinking heavily, dressing provocatively, or going to a man's place indicate a willingness to have sex.
  4. Listen to your feelings. If you feel uncomfortable or think you may be at risk, leave the place immediately. Call for help; it's better to stay on the safe side.
  5. Don't be afraid to speak up if you fell threatened. If you feel you are being pressured or coerced into having sex against your will, don't hesitate to state your feelings and get out of the situation. Better a few minutes of social awkwardness or embarrassment than the trauma of sexual assault.
  6. Attend large parties with friends you trust. Agree to look out for one another. Try to leave with a group rather than alone or with someone you don't know very well.
This is just a community message, some tips to people out there-(in a no-longer safe world)

Raja Ravi Varma

Raja Ravi Varma (also spelled Raja Ravi Verma) is one of India’s greatest artist. His works, especially in the paintings potraying Indian women is really superb. The faces of his paintings contains thousands expressions. He is truly a genius not only in his time, but now. Wonder why great artist seldom appriciated in their times (in their own country)...but only after their death they are appriciated. Here are some of his master pieces.

Village Belle with Brass Pot

Malayalee Lady

Village Belle( my most favourite..look at those eyes!)

Lady Lost in Thought

These are only few of his paintings. There are more superb paintings which if you are interested to see.. click here

Is it safe??

Do you think it is safe to go out with the person that you had known online for maybe few days or few months? This issue had clearly debated over the years but still there are naive (uh!)people got cheated. Not wanting to be unfair, i think its 90-10 (i cannot go for 50-50,i will tell you why). The first reason that ends to this so-called blind (really blind) date is the word TRUST, which means on how the other party talk. Most of the victims are girls, and i don't deny the fact that boys also got cheated, but the impacts are more terrible on girls. You may wonder why i brought up this topic, but this is following the recent mails that i had received. It's a video clip of a girl, molested by a group of boys (maybe they even gang-raped her, i can't stand watching's terrible)....and the reason??? TRUSTing strangers from net. It was such a pity hearing the girl cried that she wants to go back home and asking the boys to leave her alone. But it is too late dear girl, no one will listen to your pledge, the boys must have planned for this since they know you. One advice too all of you out there, please be careful if you decide to meet up with your totally stranger online friend or maybe lover. You got a 90% risk there. If you really want to meet them, please bring your friendS...i mean a lot of friend...not only you and you best girlfriend..You are just bringing both of you towards danger. Think again...would the girl agree to go out with her online friend if she didn't trust him????Do you think she purposely asked for this???

Plese stop thinking there is no bad in this world and erase all your 'it wont happen to me' attitude! It's just for your own good. \(^o^)/ cheers!

hey bytes...u sound like féi āyí !!!!! hahahahaha!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

To kill TIME

1. Have u found the 1 u wanna spend ur
life with?
---Yup i guess---

2. Are u happy with ur life now?
---Yeah...a bit :) ---

3. Do u think there's still a chance 4
past lovers to get back together?
---sorry..i don't have 1 ???---

4. How did u spend ur Christmas last
---with loved ones---

5. Do u go for Simbang Gabi?
---huh??? is there such place?--- (searched in google,found out it is a tradition!)

6. Who is ur Valentine's date?
--- no idea---

7. What are u looking forward to next
---Loads of assignments and presentations---

8. What song are you listening to right
---Minalgal kuthadum (it's a tamil song btw)---

9. Closest Sibling?
--- a sister, 2 brothers---

10. Last person who texted you?

11. Last person u texted?

12. When was the last time u smiled?
---a minute ago---

13. ... ?

14. Ever loved someone so much that it
hurt?'s killing me---

15. What do you hate most about school?
---Rules rules rules---

16. Mcdo or Jollibee?

17. Name one animal u hate most.

18. Still close to any of ur ex(s)?
-----i dont have 1----

19. Would u kiss the last person who
kissed u?
-----hmmm probably--------

20. If u were in the mall, where wud u
probably go?
-----Bookstore!!!I JUZ LOVE IT!-----

21. Do you think there's such thing as
-----Yup, but most of time it's us who choose it-----

22. ?

23. What were you doing an hour ago?
----buying gifts----

24. If u cud have a special power what
wud it be?
------Keep my loved one with me eternally--------

25. Do you know ur bestfriend's crush
-----------of course-------------

26. Do u agree that usually the
secondchilds are the troublemakers?
------hahaha dearie u???-------

27. When do you think is the right age
to have a bf/gf?
-------When you are matured enuf (thinking wise)------

28. Do u like guy/girls with dimples?
-----ya ya ya-------

29. Honestly, do u think ur tall?
---i think so...aina,fafau,ady,darch...u guys r shorter than me leh!!----------

30. Who's the cutest guy/girl ever?
------my 1 and only one-----

wow!!!did i just answered 30 questions? omg...i must be damned bored then (",)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yeh Eun - the 5 years old Blind pianist Genius

I found this kid in YouTube, she is a 5 years old and blind since she was born. She is a very very special kid and the amazing God had given her a superb talent (God is really great). She can play the piano after listening to the music first and she need no practice to do that, and she can play the piano while singing too. I took piano class for 8 years, and sincerely i can't even do that (duh,i know im not that talented)!. How did she do that? She can't even see, but her tiny little fingers pressed the right chord! It is really a miracle!

i really cried after watching this! :((

Talented Kids

Found this two wonderful talented kids (i cant sing like her and memorize like him) . They are only in preschool but they can beat an adult. Watch this

Connie Talbot 5 Years old (turned 6 recently)


Saturday, January 19, 2008


OMG!!! I just found out that i am craving (huh!)....for sooooooo many books!!! I found out that i had missed a lot of good novels...and yesterday, i list out the must-have novels and gosh! I found out i haven't read 11 out of the 20 listed in the website ( How could that happen *bytes let out a big cry* !!!! well, i had decided that i am going to buy these books no matter what happens (even though i might have to starve for weeks) \(^o^)/ .....

So following is the list, and these books are not available either in MPH nor Kinokuniya....i have to go to Times bookstore and hopefully these titles will be available (some of this books are published long time ago).

  1. The Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri
  2. The Mango Season by Amulya Malladi
  3. The Glass Palace by Amitav Gosh
  4. The Space between us by Thrity Umrigar
  5. Ladies Coupe by Anita Nair
  6. The Twentieth wife by Indu Sundaresan
  7. Arranged Marriage by Chitra Divakaruni
  8. The Hindi- Bindi Club by Monica Pradhan
  9. Sister of my heart by Chitra Divakaduni
  10. The Inheritance of loss by Kiran Desai
  11. Diamond Dust by Anita Desai

I have read some of the book by these author listed and i had read all the listed novel's review and i really really have to read these books..God, please make me richer so that i can afford these books!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Just found out a website, which can track how many people are online and how many views did my blog gets....and i am absolutely happy that people viewed my page. (i know i know...i sound like 14 years old) .But hey, it's exciting u know.hehe. And i couldn't be more happier if i get comments for my posts...which includes comments about the way i write, or maybe my grammar???

The internet nowadays...

I am getting fed up with the miscellaneous links that keep on popping out whenever i open a page. Although i am already using the pop-ups blockers, it's still coming in and i don't know why. If it is about advertising anything, i am still okey with it. But hey, i don't like 18sx pop ups. It really irritate me to watch those stupid things that the idiots does. Why are they advertising like that? Even a 20 years old like me find it is hard and unbearable to see it, what if kids see it? It's not like last time, when the first time one uses internet is when they are 15++. Kids starting from the age 8 are active users of the net. They like to play games mostly. What will happen if they saw these 18sx advertisements? haizzzzzzz....i am lost for words. I just can't imagine what they will make out of those adv. Remember the incident where a 7 years old boy hug and kisses his classmate(girl) and when the teacher scold him and ask why, he said he saw his parents doing it in front of him. That is only hug n kisses.....hmmm...wonder what will happen if they saw these ads....(",o)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I went to watch Bheema yesterday. It's a action- packed movie focusing on the hero-Sekar played by Vikram and the heroin role was played by Trisha. Both of them look very gorgeous in this movie...i assume that Vikram had gone for bleaching and Trisha went to cosmetic surgery..hehehe. She really did look different. Alright, back to the movie. Well, it's not up to my expectation, but some scenes are enjoyable. The fighting scenes are was too violent for me...
And in the end.. WARNING, following is a spoiler!!!
Everybody even the main characters will die. hahahaha.....i never watch a movie where all the characters will die( i mean even the gang leader). Police rules in this movie. Quite a different story, with superb song scenes. The scenes was beautiful..very very, and i like the Enethuyire song was so romantic ;).....And i rate it 2 out of 5

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Evil meter

Hahaha...Is this true??? i can't believe my eyes!!!

How evil are you?

Helloo people

hi bloggie, this is the first ever blog that i am writing, soo paiseh want to tell this because i am going to turn 21 this year( i'm getting older! *sigh*) . What to do...the year pass by very quickly. This year as to fulfill my new year resolution *bytes let out a responsibility filled sigh* , i want to write more blog and at the same time improve my style of writing. When you write everyday, you will improve the way you write and become more good at it. And the best thing is you can bore people to death by writing craps on your blog. hehe. What i notice in blog is that it doesn't have emoticons.. i like to use it a lot as it can express my feelings well. But nevermind, i will show it in my writing.That's all for the start and i would like to wish Ponggal Nalvalthugal to all Indians in the world!