Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Just came back from temple, and i am really glad that i could make it. Hope that everything will be fine again. It was so much fun in the temple, I and Dhiva akka was practically giving first aid to the auntie's there and some girls who kept on fainting. One moment you can see them standing and the next thing you will find them on the floor....hehe, I'm so bad! Really a memorable experience. The temple was very much crowded, with less air circulation- that's the main reason.

I got class at 2pm and after that will go to the temple back at night for ratham. And now feeling very sleepy but I'm not allowed to sleep...it's a bad thing to sleep right after coming back from temple u know...it's just not good. haha..i got so many ladoo's and mothagam waiting for me to eat it...Do you know why lord Ganesha likes mothagam? Mothagam is a Indian delicacy which consists of the outer flour portion and the inner sweet portion. The inner sweet portion represents the Supreme. It symbolizes that a man must dive within himself, overcome the outer in order to find the inner sweet treasure.

This is how mothagam looks like- it's very tasty u know!

Lord Vinayagar holding his mothagam- Mothagapriyan

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//This is how mothagam looks like- it's very tasty u know!//