Thursday, June 26, 2008


My happy holidays are over and now I'm back to square one. New semester is starting next week and it's the usual process all and over again. New subjects, new/old lecturers with new/old approaches (better be a good one so that i won't fell asleep!) . Seriously I'm looking forward to when all this will end, which is definitely not so soon. But then i couldn't be happier than I'm not now, because my practical will be up in the line next. *sigh*..And if it is for 6 months, God I'm dead! 6 months to spend in school!!! BTW, it might not be a big deal because i have to deal it the rest of my working life... lolz....It will only cause problem for me financially, physically, not forgetting mental challenges while dealing with students. But i made the choice, and whether i like it or not i still have to do it. But if what I had planned turn well, I guess i will change too, into a serious and dedicated person towards my profession. End of my emo speech. hmmm...wondering why am I writing up this , it's because tomorrow is the results collecting day! *sigh again*

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