Thursday, May 7, 2009

Never the same

Life had never been the same lately. I thought i will have a hectic schedule and no time to do anything else. Well i was so wrong. Things are getting fun actually. Minus handling the really large class of 46, with 10 hyperactive - i'm so dead for my observation. The rest is alright, with the friendly teachers in school. Hopefully i'll blend well with them.


Alright, moving on to the next story, i was devastated upon reading the news the day before yesterday. More and more people dying because of the snatch thieves. Worse case still, the woman who died recently was pregnant and has 2 more small children who needs her love to grow..... I had enough at a glance of her family members picture. Kids who were too young to understand what happened and the husband whose grieving clearly shown on his face. Life wont ever be the same for him and the kids. All snatched away.

Seriously I feel its a must for all the snatch thieves to be sentenced to death. They snatch money n lives. Do you agree?