Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sale (bling bling)

YEAH!!!! Finally the day arrived!!! Although i am in my exam week now, i still went to Mph to purchase this and this..

Welcome to my cupboard family!!!
Now i'm just waiting for my finals to end!!! i can't wait to read you two!!!

A very happy me posing!!!muahaaa :)
Hmm...finally i am broke again T___T!!! (my mouth smiling my eyes crying hehe)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Beware to all Hindus, please read the ingredients first before buying any sweets, chewing gums and even crackers.....this is what happened to me... :( luckily i checked it first before eating it)

For those who don't know, this might be a simple matter for you, but for us (Hindus), we consider cow as a sacred animal,and it plays a vital role in out religion,economically(back in india) and also in daily life, so we are prohibited from consuming it (mind you we are following our ancestor's belief). I don't find there is a need to put beef flavoring in a famous and All-Malaysian-loved-snack...i mean, doesn't their target buyers consist Indians too although there are not many of us??? For those Indians out there, check before you eat!!!We never know what (un)pleasant surprise waiting for us!


I am on my study week now, and my finals are in 4 days time....there is a lot to study and i won't be able to post as frequent as i do......i will try my best though, so for now do wish me luck for my final exam for this semester. Chiaozz!!!

take a break, have a cadbury!!!hihi

like to eat this while studying (explains where i got all my fats!)...girl like me won't ever change,but keep on complaining about their weight ==!

Monday, February 18, 2008

'Ladies' incident

An incident that happened in Chili’s, Midvalley last year(suddenly remembered today while taking bath.hehehe).

While eating in Chili’s......

Me : (to friend 1)Hmm..i feel i want to go to the ladies....i drank too much water.

Friend 1 : Ya lor, i also think that i need to go too. I refilled the coke 3 times.

Me : What!!!(i know refill is free...but 3 times???).. Ok ok,lets go.

In the Ladies........

There are 3 other people there, one auntie(applying make up), Chinese girl 1 and 2 waiting for turn..

Friend 1 : Psst! Bytes, why got soo many people, i cannot tahan lah!

Me : Me too, never mind wait lah...

Chinese girl 1 : (eye contact with me) smile...(giving -i-am-also-in-urgencies look)

Chinese girl 2 : (keep on leaning on the toilet’s door and talking to the person inside) hey just come out lah, faster please ,everybody is waiting out here!

Friend 1 and me : (look at each other) Huh! What’s happening?

Chinese girl 2 : tut..tut (message sound...look at it(laugh loudly) and talk back in chinese
to the person inside the toilet.

This happened for 3 friend and i are at critical stage by that time..

Chinese girl 2 :Tut...tut.(message sound)... (looking at us) Excuse me everyone...(laughing)

Chinese girl 1, Friend 1 and me: Huh ?? yes??

Chinese girl 2 :(laughing)My friend is inside the toilet and shy to come out

Chinese girl 1, Friend 1 and me: Haah???(taken aback)

Me : Nevermind faster ask ‘her’ to come out! (i am in emergency you idiots! )

Chinese girl 2 : Come out faster (laughing)

Chinese girl 1, Friend 1 and me: (showing irritated face)

Toilet door opening.....(drum rolling sound)

Guess who came out??..






















A Chinese guy(in his 20’s) came out from the toilet covering his face with his hand!!!!damn paiseh(face all red ready)!!!

That time everybody forgot their urgent nature calls and laugh out loud at him( luckily our bladder didn't leak out) ...Hahaha....pity him, he must be at hurry to do such a silly mistake (we can 'feel' your urgencies silly guy) ....and the place he choose to make that mistake --> CHILI’s....

Bet that mistake going to hunt his ‘macho’ness and have 'chili'sphobia' for several months.....Hopefully he is not the Chinese girl's date(if not...go back home prepare rope to hang herself out of shame ) !!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Poor Boy- Fall fractures $1M Fiddle!!!

David Garrett, a violinist tripped while carrying his 18th century violin while he was leaving from London's Barbarican Hall after a performance yesterday..Poor boy, after the great fall he found out that he had smashed his- a million dollar Guadagnini So, hopefully he can get it fixed or claim his insurance money to buy a new one (maybe a Stradivarius) So, for the new information for the you know what is Guadagnini and Stradivarius??

Stradivarius is the most beautifully sounded violin manufactured by Antonio Stradivarius. It is also the most expensive violin in the world! There is no other violin that can be compared to this limited (only hundreds of it) Stradivarius sound. The credit goes to the type of wood used, some say it's the glue,the shape and lots more that we don't know. So there had been some attempt to reproducing the violin by Joseph Nagyvary, who is a biochemist. He managed to prove that he had found out the secret of Stradivarius violin when the violin he made (Nagyvary) only differs in small margin compared to Stradivarius's sound! Imagine how long he took to find it out! A Stradivarius costs several hundred millions to own..and the highest price ever paid for it was US$3,544,, look at how much people are willing to pay for a beautiful music and satisfaction. For a Stradivarius, it's worth the money.

A Guadagnini, on the other hand,is made by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, which is reffered as "poor man's Strads"....meaning the more affordable alternative to Stradivarius in 1970's . But now it's not cheap anymore, it's expensive too.

A Stradivarius...

A Guadagnini

Dr. Joseph Nagyvary and the violin he made (sounds very similar to a Stradivarius..such a genius)
And click here to compare a Stradivarius and Nagyvary sound.

References: Wikipedia and Yahoo! news.

My name on a Tamil Movie???

I just found out a shocking news, there is a movie coming out using my name..and the movie title is Vaitheswaran......and my name is Vaitheswary....Arrrrgggh!!! i don't like it!!! but hopefully the movie will be nice ( i am blackmailing you- the movie!) And please, no sexy scenes, because Vaitheswaran is the other name for Lord Shivan. And i am crossing my fingers,hopefully the movie will be decent...and i am thinking now.... can i claim royalty??hehehehe..just kidding..(uhm..let me start counting)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank God It's FRIDAY!!!

Yeay, on Wednesday night, all of us (our house mates) went to TGI Fridays to have our Farewell party for 2 seniors whom are graduating next month. Yeah, i know that i spoiled my diet plan, but it's only one time and for this following 2 days i m on strict diet (hihihi)....there is cheese everywhere on my food! at first i thought it was egg yolk(eeww!) because it is in yellow and white colour..but only after touching it with my fork, i get to know that it is cheese, because it's sticky(it's CHEEEEESE!!!! ^0^!!). What to do..i m paying for the food so i have to finish it off (excuses excuses...haiz) i cannot order salads which is my initial plan....and i am blaming on other dishes which looked soo tempting....u naughty tempting good looking foods (@&#*) you are spoiling my diet plan!!! So, this is what i had...after deciding for a short time..(",)

Iced Lemon Tea, my Favourite.....

My appetizer, Shrimp Martini

Sizzling Chicken with Brown rice (i forgot the full name)...take a look at the cheese

Enjoying my dessert!...i can't finish it because i'm full...(it's just a smile for the picture) stomach is already bloating

This is the 2 lovely girls !!! Wish you congrats!!

hahaha...she's sleeping

Hot Girls!!!!we were celebrating Valentines Day outside TGI

The foods are nice there, although it is not spicy at all (seriously for me, i feel chili's is better...even the steak), i know it's more towards western and for Asians like me, it's hard to finish up the food because it is not a bit spicy at all (it's like tasteless) and only two people can finish up a dish there...seriously i can't finish my food, although i felt bad for wasting it. The prices were reasonable though, and the birthday celebration really rocks.

and finally, today as i am writing this entry, i am officially declaring tha
t i am broke (my mummy said padan muka when i told her )!! T_T .......huaahh!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weight Management

How to get a flat to reduce the fats around your face?? Damn it!!!seriously i need it. I enjoyed eating very much until i lose my ideal weight, and now i am damn far far away from it. Seriously, i should try those tips i found on net today..sit ups,chewing gums, taking the toxin cleansing tea...but the main thing is can i last doing that for even 2 days? Sit ups kills me *making a downturn smile to show a pity face* Well, do support me!! i absolutely need motivation...(going to download those BIG people pictures)

hmmm...i heard that doing too much sit ups and if you don't know how to do it properly...your backbone will be seriously it true? and chewing gums considered rude in public?? ermm.. i am already starting to find excuses aren't i??

Got it!!

I think i want to try fruit and vegetable diet.....hmmm....will update later about the "successfulness" of my diet programme.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Classmates. Define classmates. Well, classmates are your class mates ..hehe...It's very hard to find classmates or course mates that really match you. I mean the whole class. What all of them like to do and can they all get along? Well in my case, i am really lucky to get the course mates that i have now. They are all fantastic! We like to hang out, We like to watch movies, We like to take pictures(There are more than thousand picture of us in just 2 years!) , We like to joke, We like to bully (the victim is always me *sigh*), and we enjoy going to our holidays together .Whatever we do, it always be 'us'. I mean...where can you find this kind of course mates that hang together???


This movie is really entertaining to watch. It's about a mermaid whom made a deal with her father. She has to find love within 3 days. The weirdness of a mermaid changing into human form and how she make friends with the other 2 girls are really interesting.Sara Paxton really look like a real mermaid...a pretty one and i like her hair. Well, i rate this movie 7.5 out of 10.

The Slipper and Rose

The Slipper and the Rose (1976)is a British musical film retelling the classic fairy tale of Cinderella. This film take it's setting in a tiny kingdom of Euphrania, where a prince is forced to get married for his nation sake, and then is when he met cinderella, but there are new twist added to the movie, i meant the storyline and it's ending is different from the cinderella story that we know. The movie is worth watching and i really enjoy watching it. I will rate it 8.5 out of 10.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last week

Hi, i m back again into business. (",)..Well, i had planned a lot of things to do on my precious 1 week holidays....i don't get holidays so much u see..they want me to study study study and study in my Uni *big sigh*. This is what i did for the whole week.

Monday --> Sleep,sleep,eat,sleep,eat,watch tv,disturb my bro studying,eat,sleep zzzz

Tuesday --> Woke up early..hang out with had been such a long time since i last saw them...they were really good friends of mine, went to Pahlawan Mall, Malacca...that place was great, one must go there, it's very nearby the historical places, within walking distance.

Wednesday-->Woke up early again...this time went out wit my special one*wink* *wink*

Thursday -->Went to my Auntie's house, it's CNY..too bad i can't celebrate it as my mummy's chinese side is still anonymous(she was raised by indian parents).
Friday --> Watched a's a fairy tale..i just love fairy tales...they make you happy you will be all 'happily ever after'

Saturday --> Woke up early...i had a date u see..hehehe...well i had something to do in the evening so i went out only for few hours,and waste it on a terrible movie. I came out of the theater halfway...really wasted my time...Later in the evening met few chindian families...what a fun time i had with the kids..they are really little cuties...small kids really make you feel happy, they are not complicated as adults *sigh*

Sunday --> Went out to buy some things for my sis...a really tired day...u know
when you didn't buy much for yourself, u tend to get tired fast(hihihi)

Monday --> Here i am...writing the post..well, i think i spent my holidays wisely
enough, but still there are much that i didn't do...i don't know,i just
love to sit at such a lazy bum....

Friday, February 1, 2008


Yea Yea....i'm going back today! I'm on holiday for 1 week(CNY). Sadly i have to travel by komuter this time as all the bus ticket to my hometown sold out. I prefer to travel by bus because i like to make friends with whoever sit beside me (of course this applies for only girls,aunties and granny) and if in komuter, there will b nobody to talk to, and it makes the journey dull (i have to change komuter too). Hmm..whatever,i will be in the happy mood of going back home....and the problem now is i won't be able to update my blog as frequently i am doing now, because the internet connection at home is bit late and i had a lot of plans for the whole week. hehe. ok, see you all in next blog!