Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Ramblings....

There are many things playing on mind lately and I do think work+ studies + life contributes to it.
Currently I'm working on various tasks, and the work seems to be never ending. Designing a new study program at work and doing it at this point of time in my life is just the icing on top of the cake. Definitely exhausting and something that I really wish I don't have to do right now. Life is all about deadlines now.

By the way I did some homework and created a QR code for my blog. Actually its not a big deal, a website helped me to do it :D


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012

Happy New Year!!!

*Full post is under construction. Yours Truly is still partying. Have great day guys!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Incredible India!

Yippee! I finally touched my forefather's land - The incredible India. After a year of planning it, we- my gang and I stepped on the fertile land on 27th August 2011. We were there for 8-beautiful-days. Here are some of scribblings  to remember the memorable trip.

It's in chronological order, and there will be several posts on it because there's just sooooo many things to write about :)

DAY 1 - Sunny & humid, a beautiful day.
Friday, 19th August 2011

1 am- Check sunglasses, check sweater, check shawls, check sunblock, check my sunny shade, check passport!............all done ;)

YEAH!!!! I’m officially ready for INDIA

1.30 am - Waiting for Mr.BF, he’s on his way to pick me up!

2.00 am - We are in KL sentral, camwhoring in McD, and I was extremely sleepy + threw a
little tantrum ....hehe

3.00 am- Finally took the skybus after getting lost for few minutes. My luggage is freaking
heavy! Thanks to Mr.BF for exchanging the burden :D

4.30 am- Reached LCCT , we checked-in the luggage, phewww… and now all we have to do is to
wait for the rest of the gang

5.30am- Gang is here. Waiting for boarding announcement. We’re on the express boarding list!

6.00am- The announcement came! We quickly pushed through the crowds and made our way to the plane! Paused here and there to snap pictures, can't stop being me :)

6.11 am – We’re on the plane!

7.50 am – Flight was delayed…20 ppl can’t board d plane so their luggage had to be taken off
from the cargo. Plane finally took off.

7.50- 11.40 am – We are flying…… and we ordered Chicken rice + special milo tarik for
breakfast my digestive system is still in the process of recovering so both of us shared
the meal ;) After that, we snoozed off till we heard the announcement
that we’re landing in couple of minutes! So excited!

A glimpse of the fertile land

The rising sun

Finger licking goodness in Lakshmi Bhavan

We touched down the fertile land. We were received by Rajesh (a friend of our collegue that helped us to arrange our trip) + our driver anne,Mr. Paneer (The best driver ever)

:> Checked- in the hotel, it was quite pricey although we won’t be spending nights there…
:> Rested for a while and hunger forced us out of the room in search of food.
:> Planned to go to Anantha Bhavan. GPS said it’s just 500m away. We followed the direction

and started walking. 10 minutes passed.. and we’re still walking…no sight of Anantha Bhavan. :> Checked the GPS again, and goodness gracious now it says 2.5 km! We’re hungry, tired and

bleeding sweat.

We almost gave up, started walking back to our lodge while planning where else can we eat. Everyone was exhausted. But hey, lady luck was on our side, we saw a decent hotel and we decided to give it a try. It's called Lakshmi Bhavan and the food was real heaven! And it looks hygiene. The sambare was awesome combination to go with the pickles. YUMMY!

After lunch, we rested in our room, while exploring the channels on TV. Snoozed for a couple of minutes and we refreshed ourselves. We left to Ooty around 4.30 pm.

To be continued........

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bytes Says......

Greetings everyone, it has been months since i update/ write an entry in my blog. I know, it has been sleeping for too long. I choose to thirst the public eyes and change it into private viewing, for a personal reason and I guess the confinement period of my blog is no longer necessary.

This blog is a collection of my writings- the year I entered Varsity till the near-end of my degree. Reading back the older entries reminded me to the good old days, and made me look at how awful my writings were. Well, that's the first reason why I chose to start blogging, apart from the bad diary-keeping.

I understood one thing while going through the entries, that most of the memories fade fast unless we document it. Let it be through diary writing, notes, saving sms/email, pictures, and blogging. I believe the later two are the best. :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back in bussiness!

Will be back very soon! Stay tuned ;)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The picture says it all ;)

I was browsing for a house to rent when I came across an interesting offer ;) I couldn't resist the temptation to click on the link when THIS APPEARS! hahaha..I was stunned when i read it...LOL

Saturday, February 13, 2010