Saturday, June 7, 2008

Manya blogger award

I'm totally speechless today as i found out i was nominated for MANYA BLOGGER AWARD. Totally stunned when i saw my name under the MOST POPULAR FEMALE BLOGGER...This is the first time in my life where i got to be nominated where i had no expectation at all. I started this blog out of my own interest as i want to share my thoughts with the reader. It's blossoming as a hobby for me lately, although it was not my initial intention at the first place. The nomination itself had awarded me and i won't forget about this in my entire life (pardon me for being so emotional) but this is what u can expect from me as i didn't expect it at all..

I thank all of you who had voted for me, and those who didn't vote yet u can do it HERE . hehehe...i'm really a happy gal today

P/s: Do vote for me if u really think i deserve it! Thanks a lot!

1 comment:

ramesh said...

Congratulation. Really happy for you. :) All the best anyway!