Sunday, November 16, 2008

Growing up...

wow! someone please do tell me i didn't update for a whole month!!!no way i'm that busy nowadays...well i do *sigh*..well 1 month holidays doesnt mean i had so much of free time...i was very very busy right from the beginning and till to the end..the cause??? there is only a sole person right behind it-->my dad..dun ask me why..i was being occupied with lots of things,yes, a lot of things that did really made me go crazy until i wished for my holidays to end..haizzzz..and when i think of final semester...oh no,how i wish for my student life to be forever and ever and i don't have to go to the working world but dreams won't always come true, time passes and soon i'll have to face the fact that I'm all grown up!!!which is very hard to think about because every time i see my face in the mirror asking myself the question, i'll end up laughing at myself...yes..its very funny indeed.

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