Monday, July 28, 2008

Chelsea Asia Tour 2008

Chelsea is coming to my place!!!!hahaha....actually i was not exited about it yesterday, the day before yesterday, last month, and even when they announced that Chelsea will be playing in Malaysia. And i am too, not an avid football fan. Believe it or not, i will only watch the World cup match-that comes only once in four years . And only the final match. haha. But why am i being very exited now?
No, i didn't get any free ticket (=.=!) , but i saw the players today!!!! hahaha...

It all happens like this, i was talking to a friend of mine when we heard a loud siren. We were expecting some big shots cars, because they always pass by our place. And then is when we saw the bus. And we saw the players!. And tomorrow, I'll be watching the game on TV visually, and audibly from the stadium( we can hear the supporters cheering from my place)!!!

And my post today is totally lame =.=!...excuse me, i am just being exited.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A busy day!

This semester is the busiest one so far. We are taking up Theater in ESL course and we have to come up with a drama production. And all the profit from the ticket sales is going to the charity!!!To tell you all frankly, it is going to be the most interesting and happening drama ever in our college. It's a sort of musical cum comedy at the same time. So we went to two costume shops today. It was damn fun i tell you. Well, in the first shop (located in Subang), the people there were very friendly, chit chatting with us, but they were quite strict. They won't let us touch the costume and only let those who wanted the costume in the hall.And they were quite expensive. Although after we told them all the profit will be donated to the charity, they still refuse to reduce the rental price. But as that is not the only shop that we had in mind, we left to survey the other shop in Hartamas. Well, one look at the place i thought this is going to be much more expensive than the one we went before. But i was so wrong. They were willing to consider about the rental price once they receive our drama proposal. We were totally happy with their hospitality..(but they are not so friendly compared to the shop assistant in previous shop)..Who cares anyway!!!! For now we have our finger's crossed. It will be much more better if we can get discount, so we can donate more to the home.

Ah, before i forget, i saw these costumes too...some blogger wore it to Nuffnang bloggers Wild live Party.

The gorilla!!!!

And we had a good laugh at this, take a look at it's udders!!!!hahaha

And....the funniest ever,

Kenny Sia

The reason i took all this celebrity blogger picture is to show all of you what kind of costumes that they had in the shop, because we can't go and simply snap pictures everywhere there. There is a few picture though, but let it wait till the grand post that I'm going to blog about once we did our play successfully!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It had been a week since I had updated my blog. Was being busy lately. And had outings with my friends.....


And we watched Hancock at Sunway Piramid. Well, although most of my friends says that Will Smith looks at his ugliest in the movie, I didn't agree. Alright, maybe the first half of the movie when he was sporting his beggar-like look...and he look ugly in the poster ;P . And when he turned into a more 'professional' hero, he really look very strong and muscular. Charlize Theron character is really suprising, and the scene where Hancock discoveres the power she had, it was so funny. The movie turns to a bit dramatic scene towards the end and all's well turns well. Rated 3 out of 5.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The letter 'L'

Today I'm going to blog about a deadly virus. It's called 'L'.

I was blasted off home today with thousands (no, only 3) assignments. Yes, it might be only 3, but the work i tell you...are a lot! Since the new semester had only begun, the 'L' virus had gained it's own territory in my body and I badly need excrete it now. W0nder what kind of virus it might be??? Well, it is actually the most dangerous virus ever that one could have. Seriously. No kidding. And everybody has it in them, the only thing is that some people will totally ignore it, some people might be just newly infected and get off it quickly, and the worst case is for the people who's life is in total control of it, and they too like it that way!. I'll call it the 'L' virus, the virus which is responsible for what i am turning into now, and it is sort of taking total control of my life since last month (well, i had holidays,cannot blame me :P )

So in order to get rid of it, yesterday i thought of going to the

Yes, Gym, but sadly the virus attacked me again before i manage to reach there. *sigh*

and today, i decided to go for

But the clouds seem to boycott me and were showing some going-to-rain-soon signs. But still, i forced myself there (i had to technically drag myself out of the house!) -and it didn't rain after all.

And off i went swimming, trying butterfly stroke (I'm really terrible in it!) but at least I'm good in floating myself lol!!hehe

And then i thought, after giving myself some exercise, i can get rid of the virus, but it came to no avail when i was caught in this act.

I think i must take any pills to get rid of it....any ideas people????

What does the 'L' virus stands for?????---- yes i know the 'L' also stands for Love, but it's not the exact dangerous virus I'm suffering from, it is much more dangerous than that,mind you- in fact Christians consider it to be one of the seven deadly sins, while psychologist find it as a symptom of clinical depression or listlessness.Wow, that is deadly serious!!! i badly need to excrete it as soon as possible!!!

By the way, if you still hadn't found out what does the 'L stands for, it is none other than Laziness....yes, you heard it right people, I'm being extremely lazy at this moment. Sigh.

By the way, thanks to all of you who had spared your precious time to vote for me!!!Thanks a gazillion!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Last Call !!!

If you are my blog frequent visitor, all of you might know that this blog is nominated for Manya Award in the Most Popular Female Blogger category ...Well, today is the last day and i hope those who didn't vote for me yet (i'm being soo lame '',) please do vote for me before 11.59 pm today!

Click here vote ( you have to give the rating by clicking on the stars!!!)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dance Like a Man

I watched this movie yesterday. It was totally fantastic. I meant the Bharathanatiyam by Shobana and her partner in the movie. The movie revolves around a well kept secret of why both of them stopped dancing although it was their passion. They hurdled through many obstacles that they faced during their young times. Then, any sort of dancing is coined with prostitution- especially for women. It is a shame for those people in the higher caste to accept the fact that their son or daughter showed interest in Bharathanatiyam. All the characters are potrayed beautifully (well, that's my opinion!

The movie was screened in the Vancouver International Film Festival; 8th Pusan International Film Festival; IAAC Film Festival, New York; Festival of Indian Films, Malaysia; Kerala International Film Festival; Pune International Film Festival; and at La Palamas De Grun Canana International Film Festival, Paris.

Its a movie to enjoy only if you have interest in the dancing art- or otherwise you might find the story boring....