Tuesday, January 27, 2009


XIN NIAN KUAI LE....happy new year to all chinese ppl!!!!

Well, i'm back here again, counting months to go to complete my degree...can't wait and at the same time i still feel that it's too good to end...the happy times with my classmates and housemates...i'll be surely missing them terribly. One sure thing is that the time is really flying away ( i mean it literally!)...gooosh and here we are, it had been 27 days since the birth of the year. This 27 days had not been sweet at all for me...some bitterness had found comfort in my zone...

There had been few activities that really engaged me last few weeks, we had "Ekstravaganza Malaysia", a cultural dance competition in which i participated- our group did the 'orang ulu' dance (originated from Sarawak), the pictures are coming up later. And in the same week, we had our "One Day Camp"
for the cocuriculum in education subject. I was in charge of the PBSM activities, glad that it all turns out well. We had a blasting day surely, with a great dinner- we had barbeque. It was a tiring day, but it was worth it. And the banner is awesome!!!!!totally...i'll upload that one soon too..you'll know why its awesome when you see the picture of it!!hehehe...... i'm waiting for the photographer's pictures as usual...much more clearer from my 3.2 (sob sobs...)

In the following week, our junior had their Play Production. Well they did a great job and it's a lot of effort they had putted in, with some characters that had really impressed me...and it gave me the deja'vu feeling-nothing can buy the precious memory of our own cohort's play production...what a relieve we had after that,and now we are missing it....
The best thing is that we are still strong after all the hurdles we had gone through during that time...

I wish i had one more day of holiday...i could spend more time with my precious family rather than being stucked here all alone......

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Ponggal

பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துகள்

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm in love.....

I'm in love with this song totally...the music and the lyrics are awesome,with Karthik and Dhilip Varman's voice....

My housemates are going to strangle me soon because i'm playing this song over and over again every 10 minutes...i can't get over it!!!!

I need u back!!!!

I don't know what's happening lately.....i'm having trouble sleeping....and its since the New Year...-2009 with my sleeping time snatched away???

I need my sleep back!!!!! i want my happy hour dream land session and rise at the sound of my alarm clock after it's 3rd time snoozing.....i don't want to wake up before my alarm rings as i do now...I'm writing this out now with the frustration of not being able to sleep...it's really hard... - i swept the house 2 times, washed all my clothes, scrubbed the bathroom sink, rearrange the furniture in my room, and clean all my notes.

And now I have a clean room, my laundry done, and checked my reflection on the hall's floor......

I ponder--->Is it good or bad for me????

I envy you! :-(

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Greetings..

Happy New Year!!!! Have a wonderful 2009!
The new year celebration in Sunway really rocks-this is the first time i watched fireworks from the rooftop...Not in a very good mood actually at that time but i really welcomed 2009 with all my heart and wondering what it has in store for me... I would like to thank every special people who had touched my life with their love and care, be there for me when i'm in serious need- made me believe that there are still people with humanities alive, and all of you made my life much more meaningful.No matter what character you played in my life, i'm appriciating it all....and to my special someone--->i don't know whether u'll be reading my blog or not,or even know that she exists, but just want to let u know how much i love and care for you, no matter what happens i'll still care for you and there is NO running away from me! and no, it's not a joke..i really mean it alright! ;-P

So...for this year, i don't want to think so much about all the problems i have been facing and worry about it day and night like i'll usually do. Instead, i'll be asking god for more. I'm too old for the craps animore..and refusing to grow up all the time.

Alright, i'm wishing all my readers Happy New Year again, and this year i promise that u'll see more posts from me, i'm not gonna keep and delay all my posts again. And do care about other people's feelings and learn how to forgive- happiness matters more than anything else.

Bye-bye 2008, i will miss you a lot- u taught me to be stronger and a bit wiser...