Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The letter 'L'

Today I'm going to blog about a deadly virus. It's called 'L'.

I was blasted off home today with thousands (no, only 3) assignments. Yes, it might be only 3, but the work i tell you...are a lot! Since the new semester had only begun, the 'L' virus had gained it's own territory in my body and I badly need excrete it now. W0nder what kind of virus it might be??? Well, it is actually the most dangerous virus ever that one could have. Seriously. No kidding. And everybody has it in them, the only thing is that some people will totally ignore it, some people might be just newly infected and get off it quickly, and the worst case is for the people who's life is in total control of it, and they too like it that way!. I'll call it the 'L' virus, the virus which is responsible for what i am turning into now, and it is sort of taking total control of my life since last month (well, i had holidays,cannot blame me :P )

So in order to get rid of it, yesterday i thought of going to the

Yes, Gym, but sadly the virus attacked me again before i manage to reach there. *sigh*

and today, i decided to go for

But the clouds seem to boycott me and were showing some going-to-rain-soon signs. But still, i forced myself there (i had to technically drag myself out of the house!) -and it didn't rain after all.

And off i went swimming, trying butterfly stroke (I'm really terrible in it!) but at least I'm good in floating myself lol!!hehe

And then i thought, after giving myself some exercise, i can get rid of the virus, but it came to no avail when i was caught in this act.

I think i must take any pills to get rid of it....any ideas people????

What does the 'L' virus stands for?????---- yes i know the 'L' also stands for Love, but it's not the exact dangerous virus I'm suffering from, it is much more dangerous than that,mind you- in fact Christians consider it to be one of the seven deadly sins, while psychologist find it as a symptom of clinical depression or listlessness.Wow, that is deadly serious!!! i badly need to excrete it as soon as possible!!!

By the way, if you still hadn't found out what does the 'L stands for, it is none other than Laziness....yes, you heard it right people, I'm being extremely lazy at this moment. Sigh.

By the way, thanks to all of you who had spared your precious time to vote for me!!!Thanks a gazillion!!!


mitrox said...

so ur talking abt d virus called LAZY...?

Bytes-Berry said...

hmmm...for me it is a virus ;P

Anonymous said...



Bytes-Berry said...

hehehe! told ya i'm being very lazy lately, so i blogged about it! well, don't you all agree that it's dangerous???

~violet~ said...


mitrox said...

actually im LAZY to comment...but if i dont..ull b mad n sad...so..ya...its dangerous... ;)

mmuurrllyy said...

i thought it is "LEMAK" virus coz u r fat rite??

Bytes-Berry said...

u r such a PIG murali!!!!