Monday, April 27, 2009


It had been a while since i got the time to update, life is really full of surprises for me now. With the heavy workload in school i'm teaching in now ( yes i am teaching! hehe) , and lots of thing more, its too much to lists all out here, can't find much time to do other stuffs. Maybe it's because i'm still new in the working world, going through practicals right now really giving me a hard time to cope with. Well, it takes time to adapt and i'm just following the ancient rules now. Hopefully everything will get better in time to come. By now i'm already in the second week of teaching, 12 weeks more to go!!! Love each moment that i'm going through, and hope i will in years to come too!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tamil Puthandu Valthukal

To all readers,

Unggal Putiya Muyarchi Vetri Pera,
Putiya Yennam Niraivera,
Puthiya Sinthanai Nilaitida,
Yen Iniya Tamil Puthandu Valthukal