Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dance Like a Man

I watched this movie yesterday. It was totally fantastic. I meant the Bharathanatiyam by Shobana and her partner in the movie. The movie revolves around a well kept secret of why both of them stopped dancing although it was their passion. They hurdled through many obstacles that they faced during their young times. Then, any sort of dancing is coined with prostitution- especially for women. It is a shame for those people in the higher caste to accept the fact that their son or daughter showed interest in Bharathanatiyam. All the characters are potrayed beautifully (well, that's my opinion!

The movie was screened in the Vancouver International Film Festival; 8th Pusan International Film Festival; IAAC Film Festival, New York; Festival of Indian Films, Malaysia; Kerala International Film Festival; Pune International Film Festival; and at La Palamas De Grun Canana International Film Festival, Paris.

Its a movie to enjoy only if you have interest in the dancing art- or otherwise you might find the story boring....

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