Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A day before the classes begins

Today was a sort of tiring day, and it's actually the only off day before my classes officially starts tomorrow. I went to my friend's sister's house in Putrajaya, helped them to clean up because they had just moved in (what a helpful girl i am! hehehe)...... and gosh, the decoration is very nice and i saw something that i wanted for my own house since i'm looks something like this(i couldn't get the actual picture)

But the one in their house is nicer, i meant it has peacock and elephant carvings...but the colour i think is the same like the one in the picture..surely will get one no matter how much it costs for my own house (hehehe, whoever marries me gonna be in trouble!)

Talking about Indian swing....i remember something.... this is my favourite ....

Lord Krishna and His Beloved Radha on the beautiful swing....i just loved it..saw it once, in small size but that time my mum didn't allow me to buy, was angry with her then, but now i am kind of glad, because i want to buy the largest size now hehehe...

The coloured version is like the one in this picture, but i think i might going to get the gold version (hehe) it' looks more divine*raised eyebrows*

And while surfing the net today, i found a news on The Hindu,dated back in 2005, a Malaysian Chinese married an Indian citizen(a tamil brahmin), and they are surely going to produce Chindians...hehehe, both of these races are just very attracted to each other for the unknown reasons...

here it is--click me

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