Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kenny Rogers Sucks!

Alright, please do excuse me for my language, but after reading this whole post you will agree with me too.

Today we had celebration for 3 of our classmates, for their birthdays, which falls in the month of March and also April. The organizing committee(among my classmates) for this time chooses to celebrate it in Kenny Rogers as they are having selections of vegetarian foods. We were enjoying our time there, and some of us had had ordered in advance to avoid getting the foods late (there are 19 of us).

Before i go into the main purpose i'm writing this entry, lets take a look at Kenny Rogers outlet that we went today..should i tell you where is it located??...well, make a guess, it's somewhere around Shah Alam...
Ignore the passerby in the picture

And this is the Quarter Chicken Meal + 3 side dishes + muffin.

Picture A

Take a good look at the picture, because you too are about to read a shocking news.
Okey, to be specific now, please look again at the mashed potatoes on the previous picture( Picture A) , and compare it with Picture B.
Picture B

Notice any differences? The texture or maybe the color?

OR maybe I can tell you about the TASTE......

A friend of mine took a mouthful of the mashed potatoes in Picture A, and the next thing he did is to run to the nearest sink to spit out what he had eaten.


u read it right, it's rotten! Wtf right !

When we referred this to the employees, they said sorry and immediately replaced it with a new one (Picture B). But they never took the plate to discard the rotten mashed potatoes! Or at least replace the whole set! I was totally pissed off by their attitude and scolded them, wtf, we are paying for the food and this thing should not happen, especially in a quite famous fast food restaurant. What a shame! How could they not to check the food before serving it to customers.

Doesn't this also mean that they are not required to make sure the foods are freshly made, or do they have rules for allowing leftovers to be served for the next day????

Then they tried to cover the incident by giving us a f*ck*** discount of 10%. I was like....wtf??? 10% is only what they could give? We decided to not to go on that issues because it could spoil the celebration mood and I promised myself that I would blog about this so people out there know how good is this fast food outlet are. They have franchise all over the world and is this the best service they could offer us?

Kenny Rogers, U SUCK !!!!(i meant the food)! My classmates + their families + extended friends and families will never ever eat in your outlets again!!!


Satkuru said...

yikes, i have never came across this kinda situation before @_@ but personally i don't like their service and that's why i would opt for nandos if there was a choice :P

name:vicknes e-name:vickyguy said...

it happens in most of the fast food outlets where the service will never be as fast as it gets...yea nandos rocks...and i'm missing malaysia food d...

mmuurrllyy said...

however..kenny rogers in Genting have the best service. Chicken there taste better.

p/s:the best is mamak stall. Cheap, tasty and malaysian style

Anonymous said...

I'm agree with u. kenny rogers serves low quality food! I went there yesterday in times square around 5pm. they served me cold chicken!! it doesn't warm at all! when I complaint, they just change the sauce (the sauce wasn't really warm too) and the meat still cold!! I don't even get any discount for it! I decide to boycott Kenny! with such price, I got 10X much better food at other store!