Saturday, April 19, 2008

Customer(dumb) service(ing)?

Yesterday i was having some problem with my phone line connection. I was talking to my father and suddenly i can hear other people talking very clearly. That happens for several times and i decided to make a complain and called helpline. The conversations are as below:

Man : . . . . customer service, boleh saya bantu cik (why do he sounds like an Indonesian) ....

Me : Yes, i would like to complain about the line interference that i am having during my calls.

Man : Oh!, when did that happen?

Me : Just now

Man : Oh! is it a few days before or yesterday?

Me : (are you dumb?) No, just now means that just before i called you.

Man : Oh okey (laugh a bit). Try changing your handphone.

Me : What ????.....(wtf)

Man : Change your handphone.

Me : HUh???? change my handphone? i don't really get what are you trying to say!

Man : Go change your handphone and call again.

Omg! he is really a dumb _ _ _......change my handphone? who is going to pay for that? do i have to change my handphone for the stupid network interference!

Me : Hello! why do i need to change my handphone???

Man : Yeah, change the handphone to other handphone and try to make a call.

Me : Do you mean handphone or sim card (dumb #$% )?

Man : Oh sorry sorry, change your sim card to other phone.

Me : (big sigh) Okey i will do it.

Man : If after that you have problem please call me and let me know

Me : News???(whatever&%#@#) Okey, can i know who am i talking to?

Man : Ahmad* (name changed to protect privacy)............

OMG! he is an indonesian! (that explains for his heavy accent)....dear _ _ _ _ telecommunication service, it's so pathetic that you have to hire a foreigner to work for you...I'm not telling that they are not good, but isn't there enough Malaysian to do this work? And the man you hire asks the customer to change their right!

hmmm...i know their number are growing day by day(2.01 million wtf!!!)...but please don't let them outgrow Malaysians...


Anonymous said...

delima (7eleven clone)also hire foreign worker..i dont like it..i ask for mol e point and he know

Blessed mum said...

hey..thanks for visiting my blog earlier..

understand your frustration there... : )