Monday, April 7, 2008

Freaked out!

22 March 08

It had been a long time since I received prank calls, and I’m sort of getting used at it, but at each time, I freak out! The recent call I receive was on few days ago, at 2.30 am. At first I thought I was my boyfriend, who is in overseas, called me. It was a private number, and the weirdest thing is, he sounds like the man who had just repaired my lappy 2 days before that. I was wondering what makes him call me at that time, and then was when he introduced himself with a ‘fake name’ and told me that he found my number on a website. What the hell man $#@*! Do you think I am such a fool to put my personal information online? Although I knew he was just want to test the water, but I totally freak out. And I told him I got ‘inside people’ to detect his number and If he really want to meet me that will be in a police station. I guess I made the man freaked out too when he didn’t dare to call again. My cell number online? How if that is real? Someone might be able to post my information online, someone who knows me, and I will be in hell after that. But it is not only my insane imagination, but it is really coming true. An innocent woman recently was investigated out of her old pictures in friendster, which was misused by another person to blackmail a guy known as C.K. She barely had logged in for two years, and she found out this scam after seeing her picture in a local newspaper. Why do people need to do this? What is the point of being happy to freak out a person and have a good laugh over it? For those out there, if you really want a date, go and ask him/her face to face and don’t ever try to freak or cheat them out of your personal interest!

Btw, my lappy is fixed and i am very very happy*wide smile*

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