Monday, April 7, 2008

The day I run ‘amok’

17 March 08

I had never been this angry for such a long time; I meant I had never known I can be this angry. This time, I think I had hurt my lappy’s feelings. What a bad owner am I! I showed my anger to my innocent lappy after an argument with my bro. I was busy using the net, it was damn slow and I was clenching my teeth because I am unable to access to my blog (I am using the stupid tm net service at home). Then my brother came back from school and simply pulls out the net wire. I throw my tantrum to him and after that turn to my lappy which jammed for a moment and then was when I did the unbelievable act. I slammed down the lappy and the next thing I knew is my mind was totally blank for a few seconds and after composing myself I found out I had just spoiled the hard drive. I totally regret over my action and apologize to my beloved lappy, but what is done are done and cannot be undone. I locked myself in my room and cried for a moment and promised over my lappy that I won’t ever have anger like that. I started to think my life without my lappy, omg, it was unimaginable. My lappy was with me for three years now and I had spent time with it more that I had been with anything else.
My mum consoled me by saying sometimes people can’t control their temper and show it on things and tell me that I should never had that again. I called my friend and cried to him telling what I had just done. And the happiest thing is he told me it can be fixed (i didn’t get scolding because I was crying hehe!) .Yea!!!it can be fixed!

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