Monday, April 21, 2008


Today we had the first quiz for the new semester, and there are 2 quiz more, which is on this Thursday and Friday. I actually read (hehe) for the quiz this time,and was a bit nervous. After receiving the questions i was like.. Is this all??? wtf! I read 7 or more pages of notes and the quiz only cover 2 pages.
But it's still okey, because we got to go back once we had finish answering.

And the doink classmate of mine labeled me . . . . . . . . today. Stupid doink boy!...i didn't do anything but i was misunderstood for something else. Then he came and sit beside me and try to chat:

the doink : Eh, the mirror is huge ah?

Me : I'm not talking to anyone unless that person say sorry.

The Doink : Hehehe, why are you so angry...i am very very sorry.

Me : hmmm.

The Doink : Okey, let me write a poem to apologize to you.

Me : huh!

The Doink : Your face is very bright like the sunshine,....

(The whole bunch of my classmate lol...)

Me : silly boy!

The Doink : And your heart so clear like the mirror!

(All of them laughed again)

Me : hahaha....okey okey stop it, i'm not angry anymore!

The Doink put an silly smile + expression on his face,....hmm..couldn't be angry at him anymore coz he kept making me laughing like mad.

Don't you dare to say that again!

P/s: the word 'Doink' is an adjective which is used to describe somebody who is acting in a comically idiotic manner. ref:urban dictionary.

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