Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sunway Piramid

Yesterday didn't had the chance to update my blog....I was sick for 2 days before, but after going out to Sunway Piramid yesterday, i found out that shopping cure my flu and sore throat. OMG!!! i turning into Becky Bloomwood??? Hopefully i am not...i am not a milionaire (but i felt like buying everything in the shop!) Well, initially the plan was to get something for 'someone'....but i ended up buying tops for me too. Hehehe, i cannot resist the 50% and 70% lah...Moreover, the guy at Sub was very cute and helpful.....(i wish all the shop assistant is like him) Well, after that went to Asia Cafe and had a really good dinner there ( i was accompanied by these two really funny and lovely girls...Ady and Darch)...

U know what, we shopped for 11 hours. Can u believe that??? We really shopped until we (almost) drop. (^_^)

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