Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Helloo people

hi bloggie, this is the first ever blog that i am writing, soo paiseh want to tell this because i am going to turn 21 this year( i'm getting older! *sigh*) . What to do...the year pass by very quickly. This year as to fulfill my new year resolution *bytes let out a responsibility filled sigh* , i want to write more blog and at the same time improve my style of writing. When you write everyday, you will improve the way you write and become more good at it. And the best thing is you can bore people to death by writing craps on your blog. hehe. What i notice in blog is that it doesn't have emoticons.. i like to use it a lot as it can express my feelings well. But nevermind, i will show it in my writing.That's all for the start and i would like to wish Ponggal Nalvalthugal to all Indians in the world!

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