Thursday, January 17, 2008


I went to watch Bheema yesterday. It's a action- packed movie focusing on the hero-Sekar played by Vikram and the heroin role was played by Trisha. Both of them look very gorgeous in this movie...i assume that Vikram had gone for bleaching and Trisha went to cosmetic surgery..hehehe. She really did look different. Alright, back to the movie. Well, it's not up to my expectation, but some scenes are enjoyable. The fighting scenes are was too violent for me...
And in the end.. WARNING, following is a spoiler!!!
Everybody even the main characters will die. hahahaha.....i never watch a movie where all the characters will die( i mean even the gang leader). Police rules in this movie. Quite a different story, with superb song scenes. The scenes was beautiful..very very, and i like the Enethuyire song was so romantic ;).....And i rate it 2 out of 5

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