Friday, January 18, 2008

The internet nowadays...

I am getting fed up with the miscellaneous links that keep on popping out whenever i open a page. Although i am already using the pop-ups blockers, it's still coming in and i don't know why. If it is about advertising anything, i am still okey with it. But hey, i don't like 18sx pop ups. It really irritate me to watch those stupid things that the idiots does. Why are they advertising like that? Even a 20 years old like me find it is hard and unbearable to see it, what if kids see it? It's not like last time, when the first time one uses internet is when they are 15++. Kids starting from the age 8 are active users of the net. They like to play games mostly. What will happen if they saw these 18sx advertisements? haizzzzzzz....i am lost for words. I just can't imagine what they will make out of those adv. Remember the incident where a 7 years old boy hug and kisses his classmate(girl) and when the teacher scold him and ask why, he said he saw his parents doing it in front of him. That is only hug n kisses.....hmmm...wonder what will happen if they saw these ads....(",o)

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