Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is it safe??

Do you think it is safe to go out with the person that you had known online for maybe few days or few months? This issue had clearly debated over the years but still there are naive (uh!)people got cheated. Not wanting to be unfair, i think its 90-10 (i cannot go for 50-50,i will tell you why). The first reason that ends to this so-called blind (really blind) date is the word TRUST, which means on how the other party talk. Most of the victims are girls, and i don't deny the fact that boys also got cheated, but the impacts are more terrible on girls. You may wonder why i brought up this topic, but this is following the recent mails that i had received. It's a video clip of a girl, molested by a group of boys (maybe they even gang-raped her, i can't stand watching's terrible)....and the reason??? TRUSTing strangers from net. It was such a pity hearing the girl cried that she wants to go back home and asking the boys to leave her alone. But it is too late dear girl, no one will listen to your pledge, the boys must have planned for this since they know you. One advice too all of you out there, please be careful if you decide to meet up with your totally stranger online friend or maybe lover. You got a 90% risk there. If you really want to meet them, please bring your friendS...i mean a lot of friend...not only you and you best girlfriend..You are just bringing both of you towards danger. Think again...would the girl agree to go out with her online friend if she didn't trust him????Do you think she purposely asked for this???

Plese stop thinking there is no bad in this world and erase all your 'it wont happen to me' attitude! It's just for your own good. \(^o^)/ cheers!

hey bytes...u sound like féi āyí !!!!! hahahahaha!!!

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