Thursday, January 31, 2008

Asiari, SACC Mall

Today we celebrated (belated) birthday to 6 of our classmate. We are very close to each other, because we r in small group and most of our character match. We were doing this birthday celebration more like a routine, where 2 months once we will do it. This time, we choose Asiari for our party. There are more picture, maybe 100 or so(taken by different photographer) and the picture i am uploading are taken from my camera because the professional photographer we had in class- Faizal will give the copy of the pics tomorrow. He had a really nice camera and we took class picture there. So enjoy the pictures. There are more to come and i will upload as soon as i can.

I ordered.....

and this......because

i cannot drink this, it's ice blended ( i got flu wat T_T)

Presenting the Yummy Chocolate Ice Cream Cake !!! i got the biggest portion(even though im not the bday girl) hahaha!!

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