Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ulu Yam

I realize that i only have 2 posts for May and it is going to be the 3nd week of May..the exams that i had on the previous week and my class outings had made me terribly busy...So the following posts is the ones that i owe you guys....

We had a outing to Ulu Yam on 25th April, !!! It's a really nice and relaxing place where you can go right after your exams...My classmates decided to go there as we didn't go anywhere for the previous semester. Ok, have a look at the pictures and let it speaks for itself!!!

The beautiful dam

The hanging bridge

The Waterfall

Mother Nature

Half of us


News flash - New species of dugong found at Ulu Yam, we are really lucky to catch a glimpse of this rare mammal...hehehe

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