Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In the examination hall....

When I'm in the examination hall last week, i was thinking about one issue which is always coined with exams...which is

YES, you are right, cheating!...

There are several methods used to cheat in exams....
The first, but unpopular method in Malaysia (we are banned from bringing it inside the exam hall)...but practical for quizzes..*winks*

Where can i buy this *walaoo*? i think before i even manage to take out the notes...i will be caught by the examiner...*sigh*

Wah!!! very creative in the wrong way!!!!

Don't you think it is worth it after you go through the nervous-each-time-peeping-into-notes ....and the risk of getting caught, and barred from taking examinations for 2 years or longer? Wouldn't it be more satisfying to get a good result after your hard work( study, not hard work to cheat). When you cheat, you are also cheating yourself..and you are limiting your ability because you are diverting your effort to come up with "how to cheat" not "how to study".

Believe me...there is no other satisfaction that a student like me can get, other than getting good results from my own effort. Nobody can exploit your ability, but only you can!


KaV said...

i've cheated a few times... usually for subjects which i have no understanding whatsoever... like how i had to take up an Accounts paper AND an Auditing paper to complete my IT degree... ceh..

sometimes, u just gotta cheat to survive la.... hehehe.. but im not such a big big big cheater also la... but if i do cheat, i have my ways... :p

Bytes-Berry said...

haha..hear goes the confession...i cheat too, but in quizzes only..not in major exams...hmmm...i think that it can be excused coz it's hard to study all the time...lolz

anits said...

wow so many techniques to copy ah? anyway cheating in quizzes is normal..the major exams ..ooohh sorry no guts to do it ;)

anyway hv a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I do it all the time..even for my diploma.

Born not smart.Lazy to study also.

What to do?:D

Durai said...

I do it all the time..even for my diploma.

Born not smart.Lazy to study also.

What to do?:D