Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tesl Night Dinner

Our dinner was held a day after my birthday. The theme of the night was "Symphony of Colours"... This dinner was the main cause for me to choose Pajamas as the theme for my birthday party, because i want all of my friends to dress casually to my party. I don't want to burden them to dress up for both event. Luckily, what i planned turned up well....huhu...

Now presenting the pictures for the TESL NIGHT DINNER.....we were camwhoring as usual *grins*..

All of us

The Three Mischievous Musketeers (hehe)

With Mdm Malarselvi

After that, about 10 of us went to nearby McD, as we are still hungry. The food at the dinner can be only rated 0.5 star.....i wonder how come such hotel are having terrible caterers. No quality at all, and the food is totally out, minus the small stage. All of us have to squeeze in to perform. Hmmm...what to do, it's a small scale dinner....Hope it will get better next year!

Our Reflection...

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