Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Birthday Party

I'm a bad blogger.......YES, i certainly am(sob sob)....i didn't blog for few days.....and May is going to end and yet i only have 3 posts....

I totally blame it on my University's hectic schedule (hehehe)....And even now i'm still busy, i am having my finals next week (sigh). I totally hate the sight of my books and notes now, but what to do, i have to face it no matter what i feel. Sometimes i can totally understand what the researchers or philosopher says, but most of the time, I'm felt lost in their words. Why do they have a lot of theories? And even if i understand the theories, i still have to 'memorize' the exact term because i cannot simply modify what the researchers had found out. I 'm not good at memorizing, tried a lot of techniques but what to do, I'm not gifted.....hehe

Alright, now presenting my birthday parties pictures......which falls on 13 May...i'm still YOUNG, the only thing is i became more wiser..hehehe...It's a very simple party, which i organized myself *sob sob* just for me n my classmates to have more fun...we had a lot of games and even dance! It's a very very memorable day for me as i'm blessed with wonderful friends!

Well, before showing the pictures....I warn you i won't look this terrible if not because of my friends....they bullied me huhu....and the theme of the party is "Pajamas Party"....wonder why i picked it as the theme??? will get to know why in the next 2 posts...

The 'Beautiful' Birthday Baby ( i look soo plum!!) ..hehehe

My Birthday Cake- Chocolate Strawberry, it really taste good...with real berries

Happy Gurlz!!!sorry, the pic shaked a bit!(i blame it on my official photographer)

Half of the foods...the main course is on the other table ( I forgot to take the pics!)

Happy Birthday To me....Happy Birthday To me....Happy Birthday to ME !!!! huhu

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