Friday, March 20, 2009

Watching you!

Pretenders pretends when nobody sees,
often forgot that there's someone watching,
Reaching for the worldly powers,
care only to tell lies,
to the top stepping on heads,
I wonder.....

Will it taste like your own sweet sweat?

Behind all the smiles are lies,
pretending and living a life full of fakeness,
Joy over others misery,
Have you ever felt the beauty of love,
The kindness of friendship,
and pure sweetness of the truth?
Lies,lies and lies.

How can you smile after breaking one's heart?
No reasons to tell,
No arguments held,
No words to be shared,
Who to be blamed?
Who is guilty?
and whom to be punished?

Regretting on your deathbed won't help much. Thanks for everything and hope all of you are happy with your choice of living your life.