Friday, March 20, 2009

Holidays again..

I'm back home again, after such a long time. I'm sorry for such a long break, and there is no update for more than a month, was busy with final semester (ah, finally i'm done!). I have 2 pending posts, about the charity homes, and i'm working on it and will post it soon. Been so occupied for past 2 weeks, the spm results are out and busy helping my brother applying for scholarship. The first week of my holiday are heaven, went to my friend's hometown and took a lot of pictures. Seriously, like 100 pic for a day.

View from Menara Taming Sari

Beautified Malacca river..

If you are in Malacca, please do drop by Jonker walk, and choose to WALK! I promise you will discover lots of new places and got excited as i did. I discovered a privately owned library but it's open to public. It is the most beautiful library i had ever stepped in. It's an heaven for all bookworms...

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