Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Pearl Island

I had a great time in Penang Island last weekends., witnessing the best Thaipusam ever in my life with more to come *winks*. I planned to go for it a month ahead, first with my friends, but they cancelled it off a week before the actual date, 8th February 2009. I was dissapointed as i was the one so eager in planning the trip. Luck in my side, 3 days later my cousin brother buzzed me and ask wheter i want to join him and my aunt to the Island. God knows how gratefull i were at that moment. "He" really wants me to tag along and make it for the religious ceremony. My parents allowed at the idea of me going with my aunt, and voila, i was in Penang 2 days after that!
The journey however, was bitter. It took full 9 hours to reach there from my hometown. Really exhausted but when i stepped my foot on the island, somehow it all flew away. Glad to be able to make it this year, and hopefully, years to come. Here comes the pictures.

The only delicacy that i tried in Penang as i was being a vegetarian. Check out the MOLE!!

Lets move on to the pictures of the 'Tannir Panthal'. It was meant to donate free drinks and foods for the devotees. I admire their effort they put in decorating it. Really fascinating!

I really liked this very much and believe it or not, it is made entirely from polystyrene.
It's absolutely gorgeous!

Finally,The kiss from Penang! the most unique manequin i had ever seen and it sent my cousin brother and me laughing hilariously on the street of Penang!!!! hahaha ;-P

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