Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weight Management

How to get a flat tummy...how to reduce the fats around your face?? Damn it!!!seriously i need it. I enjoyed eating very much until i lose my ideal weight, and now i am damn far far away from it. Seriously, i should try those tips i found on net today..sit ups,chewing gums, taking the toxin cleansing tea...but the main thing is can i last doing that for even 2 days? Sit ups kills me *making a downturn smile to show a pity face* Well, do support me!! i absolutely need motivation...(going to download those BIG people pictures)

hmmm...i heard that doing too much sit ups and if you don't know how to do it properly...your backbone will be seriously effected...is it true? and and..is chewing gums considered rude in public?? ermm.. i am already starting to find excuses aren't i??

Got it!!

I think i want to try fruit and vegetable diet.....hmmm....will update later about the "successfulness" of my diet programme.


Johnny Ong said...

when u do yr sit-up, ensure you don't force yrself. use yr stomach muscles to pull yrself up instead of yr hands (which cld be behind yr head) pulling up yr neck and force yr body up. this may hurt yr neck in the process.

if u intend to reduce the fats ard your waist or face, trust me, sweat it out. go jog (not slow jog) ard and sweat profusely. if it was mere sweat, u had wasted yr time and strength.

email me at jonash1@yahoo.com if u want to know more. i do go to gym to keep fit.

eurokid said...

Ide say dont bother dieting and all tat..u end up loosing water weight which actually counts for nothing..its gotta be a workout..my favourite is a swim..it practically works out most muscles and its pretty refreshing if you do it on a regular basis!! :)

Bytes-Berry said...

thanks johnny, i will try to hit the gym as frequent as i can...(i used to go last time,but become lazy edi)

haha...eurokid, i just came back from 5 hours swimming in a cool pool!!got jacuzzi summore! ( i felt like i lost 5 kg hahaha)