Saturday, February 16, 2008

My name on a Tamil Movie???

I just found out a shocking news, there is a movie coming out using my name..and the movie title is Vaitheswaran......and my name is Vaitheswary....Arrrrgggh!!! i don't like it!!! but hopefully the movie will be nice ( i am blackmailing you- the movie!) And please, no sexy scenes, because Vaitheswaran is the other name for Lord Shivan. And i am crossing my fingers,hopefully the movie will be decent...and i am thinking now.... can i claim royalty??hehehehe..just kidding..(uhm..let me start counting)


eurokid said...

I think they are purposely out to irritate u :P

Bytes-Berry said...

hmm...just checked out the movie trailer...and my feelings are getting worse