Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last week

Hi, i m back again into business. (",)..Well, i had planned a lot of things to do on my precious 1 week holidays....i don't get holidays so much u see..they want me to study study study and study in my Uni *big sigh*. This is what i did for the whole week.

Monday --> Sleep,sleep,eat,sleep,eat,watch tv,disturb my bro studying,eat,sleep zzzz

Tuesday --> Woke up early..hang out with had been such a long time since i last saw them...they were really good friends of mine, went to Pahlawan Mall, Malacca...that place was great, one must go there, it's very nearby the historical places, within walking distance.

Wednesday-->Woke up early again...this time went out wit my special one*wink* *wink*

Thursday -->Went to my Auntie's house, it's CNY..too bad i can't celebrate it as my mummy's chinese side is still anonymous(she was raised by indian parents).
Friday --> Watched a's a fairy tale..i just love fairy tales...they make you happy you will be all 'happily ever after'

Saturday --> Woke up early...i had a date u see..hehehe...well i had something to do in the evening so i went out only for few hours,and waste it on a terrible movie. I came out of the theater halfway...really wasted my time...Later in the evening met few chindian families...what a fun time i had with the kids..they are really little cuties...small kids really make you feel happy, they are not complicated as adults *sigh*

Sunday --> Went out to buy some things for my sis...a really tired day...u know
when you didn't buy much for yourself, u tend to get tired fast(hihihi)

Monday --> Here i am...writing the post..well, i think i spent my holidays wisely
enough, but still there are much that i didn't do...i don't know,i just
love to sit at such a lazy bum....

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