Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank God It's FRIDAY!!!

Yeay, on Wednesday night, all of us (our house mates) went to TGI Fridays to have our Farewell party for 2 seniors whom are graduating next month. Yeah, i know that i spoiled my diet plan, but it's only one time and for this following 2 days i m on strict diet (hihihi)....there is cheese everywhere on my food! at first i thought it was egg yolk(eeww!) because it is in yellow and white colour..but only after touching it with my fork, i get to know that it is cheese, because it's sticky(it's CHEEEEESE!!!! ^0^!!). What to do..i m paying for the food so i have to finish it off (excuses excuses...haiz) i cannot order salads which is my initial plan....and i am blaming on other dishes which looked soo tempting....u naughty tempting good looking foods (@&#*) you are spoiling my diet plan!!! So, this is what i had...after deciding for a short time..(",)

Iced Lemon Tea, my Favourite.....

My appetizer, Shrimp Martini

Sizzling Chicken with Brown rice (i forgot the full name)...take a look at the cheese

Enjoying my dessert!...i can't finish it because i'm full...(it's just a smile for the picture) stomach is already bloating

This is the 2 lovely girls !!! Wish you congrats!!

hahaha...she's sleeping

Hot Girls!!!!we were celebrating Valentines Day outside TGI

The foods are nice there, although it is not spicy at all (seriously for me, i feel chili's is better...even the steak), i know it's more towards western and for Asians like me, it's hard to finish up the food because it is not a bit spicy at all (it's like tasteless) and only two people can finish up a dish there...seriously i can't finish my food, although i felt bad for wasting it. The prices were reasonable though, and the birthday celebration really rocks.

and finally, today as i am writing this entry, i am officially declaring tha
t i am broke (my mummy said padan muka when i told her )!! T_T .......huaahh!!!!


sabrina said...

Agreed!! Chilli's is way way better than TGIF. I think i've been to TGIF about 5 times now in the past ten years (always against my will!) and have been disappointed EVERY single time!

Chilli's rocks!

eurokid said...

YEa! its chilli's for me too!! Not a fan of Friday's i think its expensive, overrated and thats exactly why the portions are doesnt taste tatttt good :P