Sunday, June 21, 2009

The UnPlanned Visit....-Part 1

The castle of mysteries.....
We were on our way back from UTP, passing by the place and it was really so attractive that dad decided to check it out...from the exterior, the castle looks complete, and only when we took a closer look, the flaws shows...

The moment I stepped inside, a mild breeze gushes by, touching my hair and I was totally swept by an eerie feeling… if someone is watching me entering his territory…I immediately looked around…to find nobody in sight…

Alrite, nothing of those happened, I am just exaggerating. Well, sorry for the late post but it is HERE! Here’s the picture of my visit to KELLIE'S CASTLE, built by William Kellie-Smith.

My Fave PiCs!

Can u spot the bear?

The wine cellar, it was cold down there!
Kellies Castle, This is how it looks

The view from the rooftop!

The proposed lift is to be placed here.

View of the lift tower from outside.One of the secret staircase in the room- heading out of the castle.

Unique mushroom- shaped flower..

Upcoming post! William Kelly- Smith did not only build the castle, he build something else too! and it is as beautiful as the castle too, so wait for the next post!


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