Monday, August 17, 2009

The Unplanned Visit- Part 2

So here it is, the post that supposed to be published long time ago.

Kellie- Smith did not only build the castle, he build something else too! and it is as beautiful as the castle too, so this is it! The hindu temple. It was built after a mysterious illness broke out, killing many of Smith's workers. He was then told that a temple must be built in order to appease the gods. He immediately transferred his worker to build the temple. After that, the works for his castle was resumed but it never realized after another tragedy struck- Smith died of pneumonia.

The temple is situated few kilometers away and there is a secret tunnel leading to the temple from the Kellie's Castle. The temple is also visible from the rooftop of the castle. So when you go there, make sure u check it out! :)

The unique main entrance

Inside the temple

The lovely peacock mural.

Picture of William Kellies Smith hung inside the temple.

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