Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catch ups for May!

May is always a very very important month for me....Cause i'm a May baby! ;D

To my Big bro, thank you very very much for the delicious cake, really enjoyed the blueberry n cheese filling and it was very yummy.It was so kind of you :D And for the surprise birthday party that you guys threw me, I can’t find exact word to thank all of you. I’m indeed a blessed girl, my special thanks goes to all who attended the party especially the duo's behind it - Dhiva akka and Angel darling. And the part I loved most is the balloon joke. Hilariously funny. Thank you so much guys! ( i got cute gifts hehe)

And on Mothers day, i made myself....

My flower ring! Isn’t it pretty? Mum made a cynical remark on this which immediately made me burst out laughing! Mum you are so funny at times .Love you so much! Made her Van Houtten chocolate cake -forgot to take the pic hehe..

And in the following week, i went for 2 movies with friends, watched Night at the museum 2. The movie was good, and we had a good laugh, I was laughing like a mad girl there accompanied by dozens more people.

And on a different day I went again with my sisters but this time I opt to watch a movie all alone. Had never done that before and just want to try. So I picked “ I love you Man”. My sis warned me that I would end up regretting and bored inside the theater all alone but being a very stubborn person, I insist that I must go and experience it. Well, the movie went on quite lame in the beginning, and when I was starting to regret, the story starts to get exciting. And it was quite good too, it is about a man who is about to get married and then realizes he has nobody as his best man. After getting too much remarks of how lonely guy he is- with nobody to hang out other than his fiancee, he attempts to find a best buddy and the story is all about it.(Let me tell you a truth...when i saw the poster i thought it is a movie about gays!-i feel cheated! hehe)


The unplanned visit!...Guess where am i!!! P/S : Only Mesh is not allowed to guess!


extremesh said...

Wow really nice cake :)

On your upcoming post! i want to comment :p

Anonymous said...

that is kellys castle in perak....hahahaha