Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another misfortunate day.....

The post below is dedicated to a "person" and i apologize to other readers if my tone might had gone wrong somehow. You may choose not to read!

I had never realize how much i love myself...until it happened again today. I have been labeling myself unlucky all this time as i rarely get what i want. Mum have been warning me not to put high hope on anything because she don't want to see me get hurt. Well, being a normal human being didn't stop me for putting a high hope on something i really want.

What i want?

My dream car!

A beautiful penthouse by the sea

and holidays in all the fabulous beaches in the world!

I am not sure whether i will be able to afford all my dreams, because it comes with a very high price. One thing for sure, I WILL HAVE a peaceful and quiet life, and that alone will be adequate enough for me as i realize, being materialistic won't end me up anywhere big.

But again!, today, my feelings was ignored completely and an one-man-action was taken. To be frank, it hurts like hell. It really does. But who cares? well, I DON'T . I may look like a loser, but open your eyes wider and look! YOU are the one who had lost everything. And you won't be able to realize it. Because you are having the big three letter word in you this very moment, which is very poisonous and it is called E- G- O. Yes, that's the word. When the time comes, you will be eaten by your self-conscience, *sigh*, u definitely will if u have one, which in your case i really doubt. Ermmm....

Life is tough!

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