Saturday, January 3, 2009

I need u back!!!!

I don't know what's happening lately.....i'm having trouble sleeping....and its since the New Year...-2009 with my sleeping time snatched away???

I need my sleep back!!!!! i want my happy hour dream land session and rise at the sound of my alarm clock after it's 3rd time snoozing.....i don't want to wake up before my alarm rings as i do now...I'm writing this out now with the frustration of not being able to's really hard... - i swept the house 2 times, washed all my clothes, scrubbed the bathroom sink, rearrange the furniture in my room, and clean all my notes.

And now I have a clean room, my laundry done, and checked my reflection on the hall's floor......

I ponder--->Is it good or bad for me????

I envy you! :-(

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