Sunday, June 1, 2008


Last 2 days was very tiring for me. I was doing my part time job at a hypermarket. Basically the job is very interesting as i get to talk with a lot of people. Not only that which excites me, but the new friends that i had made in only 2 days. I don't know the exact reason of everybody being friendly, maybe because they are talkative and likes to make new friends or they are forced to make a friend for a company. For me, as i am talkative (hehe) and also as i need a company for the 8 hours job, i made a lot of friends. The most notable ones are 3. The first is Angela, which smile i adore as she is a very sweet and kind person. She did her shopping with me right after the work, and we had so much fun pushing the trolley around and sampling products. At the end, our trolley are filled with more free gift than the things that we initially bought. My second notable friend is Sufi. He is a very generous and kind boy as he had helped me a lot. At the first day i was struggling to pack my things and he offered his help and waited for me although his shift has ended. And on the way back home (we live in the same area)...we were exchanging ideas and some information...And then is when we realize we were heading to the same way.
Then i asked him the question-->where do he live?..he answer me--> the fourth house from bottom, and the one with aircondition. Then i was like--WHAT!!!!..because my house is just beside his'. That is why living in apartment don't benefit the people and doesn't promote the neighborhood bond.. people live beside each other and they don't bother to notice it until they got some problem or help. I only get to know him because he works in the same place i did...if not, i might never had seen him or spoke to him. but then, what a small world! (hehehe). The third friend, i had confusion at first whether to call her 'Kakak' or 'Auntie'. Although i know that she is way more older than me, i'm afraid that the way i address her could upset her. Then when we were talking more while eating, she herself addressed her as Auntie, which made me clear on how to call her. I really felt and talk(try only) like adults when i talk to one. As i am very talkative, whatever i felt inside my heart,i will just voice it out with 2% of consideration.I know if i go on doing that, i could earn myself enemies or etc. Sometimes i control myself from talking (i will be shy if i'm new to a place)but most of the time, i'm uncontrollable..hehehe..

Overall, the 8 hours work,the new friends, the free samples and so on unforgettable two busiest days made my weekends!!!!

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