Friday, January 8, 2010

New Phase...

Happy New Year readers!...Its never too late to wish anyway...So i really hope this year will be a good one for everybody..May the kind Lord bless all of you constantly.
2010 is also a beginning for a new phase in my life. All the while, i've been pampered by my parents (all the pocket money and stuffs) , and enjoyed my life as a student. Now that i've stepped into the working world, i've no more freedom to move around as i wish ( i have to explain on my absence to work :P ) . Whereas a student, i've had too much pleasure in staying up until the wee hours, and waking up late (really late) , which is a total no-no for my current job. I've to be at work before the 7.20am bell rings. Oh yeah, i'm going to school. Funny, it may sound. But this time, as a teacher :D. My dream has realized, finally. And now i can't wait for my graduation, which is going to be in 2 months time. Hopefully it'll be on time as scheduled.

Talking about working, it is not as easy as what i've thought. The bunch of people i'm meeting everyday, is totally different from the coursemates i've had during my university life. There is less fun, and more tension in the working world. Selfishness, Greed, Self-centered and jelousy infested colony. Those who managed to endure this, they'll survive. Its hard to dumb your feelings and ignore the urging nerves,( not forgotting the raging hormons) to fight back for justice. You will be repressed. Well its too early to estimate the depth of the river, i'm just testing the water for now. Better hopes for New Year, by starting afresh, leaving the old and bad ones behind.

When life gives you lemons......make lemonades.

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